Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Artista: Lasperanza

Título: Seeds
Año: 10/05/2019
Género: Smooth Jazz/Soul
Discográfica: Dome Records
LASPERANZA es una creación del productor / músico británico Rico Garofalo. Desde que comenzó su carrera como saxofonista, siempre ha soñado con crear un álbum en el que vuelva a imaginar y reconfigurar algunas de sus canciones favoritas de soul / jazz de los años setenta y ochenta. "Seeds”es el resultado.

LASPERANZA is the brainchild of UK producer/musician Rico Garofalo. Since beginning his career as a sax player he has always dreamed of creating an album on which he would reimagine and reconfigure some of his favourite soul/jazz songs from the Seventies and Eighties. "Seeds" is the result.

1. Working Day And Night
2. In The Mood (feat Decosta Boyce)
3. It Should Have Been You (feat Izzy Chase)
4. Cannot Live Without Your Love (feat Rhiannon Penney)
5. Give Me The Night (feat Colette Connor)
6. Let’s Stay Together (feat Decosta Boyce)
7. One Minute From Love (feat Kayleigh O’Neill)
8. Early Morning Love (feat Laaerial)
9. Kilimanjaro (feat Hannah White) 10.Under The Moon & Over The Sky (feat Keni Stevens & Heidi Vogel)

Artista: Lebron
Título: Undeniable
Año: 22/03/2019
Género: Smooth Jazz
Discográfica: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records

Lebron, soprano, alto and tenor saxophones; Michael Broening, keyboards, piano, drum programming & bass.

Additional musicians: Matt Godina, keyboards, bass & drum programming; Anthony Saunders, vocals; Freddie Fox, rhythm guitars; Mel Brown, bass; Lin Rountree and Cindy Bradley, trumpet; Kendall Lee Gilder, guitar.

1.Issa Party
2.Feels Like '84
3.Say You Will
4.The Late Hour
5.No Need For Words
6.Let Me Count The Ways
8.Green Light
9.Sooner Than Later
10.It Feels Different

Artista: Maxine Hardcastle

Título: The Collection
Año: 10/05/2019
Género: Pop/Smooth Jazz
Discográfica: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records

Maxine Hardcastle: Vocalist
Paul Hardcastle: Producer

2.Where I Wanna Be
3.Different Kind of Love
4.Stay in the Moment
5.Summer Love (Latin Chill Mix)
7.A Horse with No Name
8.Smooth Jazz is Bumpin'
9.Was It Love
11.Where Are They Now
12.Better Now
13.Look to the Future14.First Light, Pt. 2