Friday, September 27, 2019


Bienvenidos al universo del Smooth Jazz, donde de la mano de Follow Me 87.6 te invitamos a un viaje más allá de los reinos de lo sublime, creatividad e innovacion nos llevarán a nuestro paraíso musical de todos los viernes.

Welcome to the universe of Smooth Jazz, where by the hand of Follow Me 87.6 we invite you to a journey beyond the realms of the sublime, creativity and innovation will take us to our musical paradise every Friday.

Este es un avance de la música que te acompañará hoy.

This is a preview of the music that will accompany you today.

Carl Stanley Feat: Paul Brown - In Your Eyes

Carl Stanley Feat: Brian Simpson - Funky Mellow / Dwight Stills
Cashmere Williams – Uptown / Too Close
José Luis Santacruz y su nuevo ábum "Transcontinental"
Joyce Cooling - Marina´s Dreams - Got To Find My Own Way
Nicholas Cole -Turning It up
Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – Feat. Ronny Jordan - After8
Gabriel Mark Hasselbach Feat. Paul Brown - Equale Her / Peace Song-
Gabriel Mark Hasselbach Feat. Gregg Maning - Propulsion
Gabriel Mark Hasselbach Feat. Bob Baldwin - Charmed Life
Chuck Loeb - Ebop Bring It
496 West - Street Life
Lori Williams - I Can´T Help It  / Deja Vu
Dionne Warwick - Deja Vu
Luis Nascimiento – Spring To Love

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