Saturday, March 28, 2020


Today we want to make you spend some wonderful moments with the music that you and I like. Listening to these songs we are sure to escape together for the next few minutes and to gather even more strength to keep going. Together we will enjoy them and together we will continue moving forward, but don't forget ... stay home!!


Threestyle - Back Stabbers - -Let I The Music Play
Joel Del Rosario Feat. Jeff Tabolof  - Night Sifht
Nick Colionne - Let´S Get Serious
U-Nam Goes Big Band -  Dance
The Smooth Jazz Alley       
Skinny Hightover - Bittersweet—Summer Nights - Holy Funk
Catie Waters - Moonlight
Izo Fitzroy - I Want Magic- Pushing Buttons
Omar - Be A Man
Keith Fiala Feat: Arturo Sandoval - All I Do
Antonio Adolfo - Pentatonico
Bill Colletti - Room To Dance
Blair Bryant - Indigo Hour - Morning Prayer
Blake Aaron - Godfather Browm
Brother 2 Brother - Winsonic
Dee Brown - Pop The Question
Beat Bronco Organ Trio - Hey Hey - Beat Bronco
Herb Wilborn Jr - Breezin
Neames Lyles - A Game
Casbah 73 - Sweet Maybe
Keit Andrew Feat: C. Standing - Cielo
Jj Sansaverino - Festivo
Kim Scott - Take It To The Rink
Roger Brown - Swing City
Speedoemeter - We Gave Up Too Soon (Feat Vanessa Jamie)