Tuesday, April 7, 2020


In this edition, we are going to try to clear your mind of everything that is currently happening in the world, with the music of Skinny Hightower, Marcus Adam, Nick Colionne, Joel Del Rosario, Blake Aaron, Chris Strandring , The Rippingtons, The Smooht Jazz Alley, Vincent Ingala and many, many more.

Stay home please and take care!!
Follow me and let’s start this journey with the next….


Skinny Hightower - Bittersweet
Ismael Dorado - Welcome to Talavera
Marcus Adam - Let´s Kick it
Blair Bryant - My Gift—Lift off
Nick Colionne - Le´s Get Serious
Joel del Rosario - Night Shift
Art Rupreeht - So Beautiful
Blake Aaron - Foll for you
David Jones - Moon over Paris
Malcon Strachan - Time for a change---Uncle Bobby´s last orders
Chris Standring - Whatever dhe wants
The Rippingtons - Tourist in Paradise
Dee Brown - Our summer
Emilio Diaz - Dinorah-Dinorah
George Benson - Love x Love-
George Benson & Al Jarreau - Breezin
Bob Baldwin - Club Life
The Smooth Jazz Aley - Montgomery Station---Lets Ride- Night out
Will Downing - You´ll never find another love like mine
Vicent Ingala - Echoes of the heart
Adam Hawley feat: Marcus Anderson - Can´t Stop