Wednesday, February 17, 2021


City Sketches Records
Feb. 26, 2021

This latest Bob Baldwin disc is a blend of Urban Music through a Jazz lens, this time featuring his touch as a vocal producer. Tracks by Lori Williams, LaRita Gaskins, Toni Redd, Monica Mason, GiGi Welling, Regina Trouxpe (all on vocals), also Ragan Whiteside, J-Fly, Tres Gilbert, Melvin Baldwin, Barry Danielian, Phil Hamilton, and more! Turn your bass up and get right with this groove.


1 The Urban Smoothsmith
2 Funk In De Pocket - f/ LaRita Gaskins
3 Friday Night 3000 - f/ Regina Troupe
4 Dance 3000 - f/ Monica Mason
5 Footsteps in the Dark
6 Deep In Your Heart
7 Every Moment - f/ Toni Redd
8 Sunday Afternoon - f/ Lori Williams
9 Lay Your Heart (Beside Me) - f/ GiGi
10 Back to Basics (Family First)
11 Stay Above the Fray
12 Blink of an Eye
13 UrbanSmooth
14 Back to Basics (Family First) (Vocal Version)
15 Stay Above the Fray (Radio Edit)

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