Tuesday, February 23, 2021


Dario Margeli
Dec. 22, 2020

Dario Margeli is based in Southern Europe. He is a US Citizen and spent many years living in California. After taking music theory lessons as a teenager, he started writing his own melodies. Since the release of his first recording in 2011, Dario has combined his day job with his musical productions which include the Smooth Jazz songs "I'm Not My Brain" and 2019's "Suffering is Optional", which received significant airplay and streams.

"Pure Spirit" recording has real drums played by Big Ev. The jazz guitar players that have played on this recording include Hugh Williams from Florida and Philip Ockelford from Great Britain. It has a real bass guitar that gives the recording warmth and motion. The song has self-help and motivational lyrics that remind the listener that beyond form and thoughts they are pure spirit. That spirit is the watcher of the emotions, thoughts and pain. The lyrics says: "my pain is separate from me / I watch the pain lose power over me". Musical influences include many of the current contemporary electric jazz guitarists, such as Chris Standring, Chuck Loeb and Nick Colionne.

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