Thursday, February 4, 2021


Jan. 18, 2021

More than just a jazz guitar player, Jack Whitsett (aka Uncle Jack) is the consummate musician. In a career that spans five decades, he has proven himself to be a versatile musician, arranger and producer in a wide range of musical styles and contexts.

Jack grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and the perfect environment for a young person with an interest in music. The area was home to many artists who worked in the city, as well as a center for many arts, music and performance education programs. It was there, at the young age of 8. Jack was blessed with the gift to play by ear, and with that he taught himself to play the guitar.

By the age of 13 Jack along with two of his cousins formed a group and started performing at local clubs, cabarets, school socials, and local festivals.

Jack took a break from playing out in the world, to support and raise his family, but even then he played guitar for his church. Jack also took this time to write songs as well.

In 2006 Jack returned to playing R&B, and Jazz with a few local bands. This is where he received his name Uncle Jack, playing with a lot of younger talented musicians who became his spiritual family.

In 2008 Jack started playing with a band called Notes Plus Sounds . This band recorded a two song CD . In which one of the songs was written by Jack. Jack remained with this group for 3 years , playing festivals , local clubs, and private affairs. In 2011 Jack went solo so he could fulfill his dream of becoming a National recording artist. With that being said Jacks Jazz was born. Jacks Jazz is a band that plays different, yet familiar, feel good music. Letting the world hear the music that God helped him create in his head and play from his heart. In 2014 Jacks Jazz released it's first single Jam Tonight. In 2015 Jam Tonight debut on the Smooth Jazz 100's chart. It also was the first single released from his debut CD "To Live A Dream".

2017 Jack has released his latest CD with the support of a lot talent from the Cleveland and surrounding area.The new album celebrates the importance of the human element in the creative process. In today's world there’s a lot of music that gets created in a laboratory, “We all have computers, and we do things long distance. But it never ceases to amaze me how, as soon as you put the live musicians into the equation, it’s their presence that brings the thing to life. That’s the idea behind the album title – the effect that an individual’s personality has on the music, both in the context of a recording and in a live setting. I am finally going to live My Dream" said Jack.

Artists at the top of this week’s charts could be history by the end of next month. Words like “staying power” and “longevity” are for anyone or anything that sticks around for more than a couple years. Jack has been around for half a century playing music.

Jack is involved with so many projects and continues to be a member of The Cavor Project, Stan Edward Moore & The Neostoneexperience, Herb Wilborn Jr. as well his own band.

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