Monday, February 8, 2021


Jan. 15, 2021

Back in 2014, guitarist / composer Les Sabler released his tribute album to Antonio Carlos Jobim and, following a move from Florida to Nashville, Les is back in early 2021 with a new studio CD called Tranquility. With ten tracks clocking in at under 40 minutes, the album pairs Les with guitar icon and co-composer / music producer Paul Brown along with a range of musicians including New Orleans native, guitarist / composer Shane Theriot, keyboardist Lew Laing and other fine musicians. Utilizing a vintage Gibson Johnny Smith guitar helped Les achieve a new electric guitar sound to which he says, “The guitar’s sound is a sonic departure from anything I had previously recorded.” Paul Brown is well known in the contemporary instrumental jazz world, going back to 2007 and his White Sand CD and that same sense of low-pressure smooth jazz groove is alive and well on Tranquility.

Legendary guitarist, George Benson is referenced here on a Tranquility cover of Benson’s instrumental jazz classic “Sunrise”—the CD-closer that also spotlights Lee Thornberg (trumpet and trombone). Another highlight here called “Easy Moves” is an upbeat contemporary jazz classic showcasing swirling synth strings backing up Sabler’s guitar work. A number of musicians fill out the soundstage throughout the album, including Lenny Castro (percussion), Gorden Campbell (drums), Roberto Vally (bass) and others. Les has credited producer Paul Brown with the album’s direction and guidance. The finest album so far from Les Sabler, Traquility is overflowing with vibrant guitar harmonies, memorable melodies, and funky R&B grooves. A memorable musical experience from start to finish, Tranquility is a modern day, instrumental jazz classic.


1 Crescent City Strut
2 City Rhythm
3 Three Dee
4 Esselle's Dance
5 Easy Moves
6 Tranquility
7 Keep Pushin'
8 In the Light (Remix)
9 Where Has She Gone
10 Sunrise

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