Friday, April 16, 2021


Carol Albert
March 12, 2021

If there’s anything positive we’ve learned over this challenging, anxiety ridden past year, it’s the importance of loving more deeply, being grateful for what we have and living, as the title of Carol Albert’s new single reminds us, “For The Moment.”

The Billboard charting pianist/composer may have written the soulful and lilting instrumental ballad pre-pandemic, but its sense of cool, free-flowing joy taps powerfully and insightfully into our collective need for hope and optimism amidst the trauma during this anxious age of COVID-19. Produced by Carol, the track features guitarist Paul Brown so prominently that as it grooves along, it feels like a spirited melody and harmony dance/duet between the two smooth jazz hit makers. It also includes the powerhouse rhythm section of bassist Joseph Patrick Moore, drummer Jay Williams and percussionist Curtis McCain. Brown, who produced five tracks on the album, also mixed “For the Moment.”

“Tying in with the overall theme of Stronger Now, the song reminds of being free and having the strength to not only endure but to express that freedom and love of life to the fullest,” says Carol. “When I wrote it, there was no way I could have predicted anything like this past year, but as a reminder about living and embracing the present, ‘For the Moment’ feels very relevant to what we’re all living through. “Perhaps more than ever before,” she adds, “with all the uncertainties and upheavals, we’ve had to face, we have learned about the fragility of our lives and the reality that we only have and can count on the present – so we best embrace it. Though I wrote it from a deeply emotional place as I was coming out of a tragic personal loss, I’m grateful that it can be appreciated and perhaps offer a sense of hope on a more universal level now.”

With the release of “For the Moment,” the Atlanta based artist continues to build on the incredible career momentum she’s experienced since breaking through on the smooth jazz charts in 2017 with “Mas Que Nada” and her debut Billboard charting single “One Way.” She scored her two biggest successes with “Femme Flight,” a Brazilian flavored song that featured flutist Ragan Whiteside and saxophonist Magdalena Chovancova, and “Perfect Sunday” (featuring Brown on guitar), both of which reached #4 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Airplay chart. “Femme Flight” also earned Carol a new legion of fans via extensive airplay on SiriusXM’s Watercolors. Carol’s other recent radio hits include the Top 5 single “Fly Away Butterfly” (the title track from her previous album, released in 2017), the Latin tinged “Sun’s Out” (which reached #7), “Chasing Waterfalls” and “One Way.”

“It’s been very rewarding to see how my music has resonated with people, and the radio airplay and appreciation from listeners are a wonderful confirmation that I’m on a strong creative path and achieving my goals on this very personal quest,” says Carol, whose multi-faceted career includes five albums dating back to the 90s, including the new age oriented releases Morning Music and Night Music. “In addition to the opportunity to touch and inspire so many people with these songs, on a purely creative level it’s been an incredible experience to work with so many of the genre’s highest caliber musicians, from Paul Brown to L’il John Roberts. It’s been wonderful to find so many new ways to grow creatively and continue developing my art.”

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