Friday, May 28, 2021


Dr.Funk Producciones
June 5, 2021

MARHID is the combination of the acronym MAR (Margam) & HID (Hidalgo), the reunion of two great friends, musicians and producers passionate about Contemporary Jazz that destiny has reunited during the pandemic in which they unify and merge their creativity and experience with Guitar and Keyboard instruments respectively.

Coincidentally, MARHID translated into Arabic means "Cradle" and represents the birth of a new musical stage for both artists that begins with the presentation of the first debut single "Sensibility" inspired by the own and inherent capacity of any living being to perceive sensations and respond to small stimuli or excitements through the power of music.

David Margam has become one of the top representatives of Smooth Jazz, Funk & Groove From the Spanish scene today, a facet that he combines as a producer, arranger and composer.

David is leader, founder and is part of FUNKDACION as a guitarist, one of the oldest and most representative bands of Spanish Funk, which is now celebrating its 26th anniversary.

Sergio Hidalgo has become one of the most prolific and promising producers on the Spanish music scene. He has come to participate in many Spanish musical projects as a keyboard player and currently combines his work as a Sound Engineer and producer in different formations as a keyboard player accompanying Spanish artists of all kinds of musical genres.

With a progressive, avant-garde and multifaceted approach to urban jazz, the veteran composer and guitarist David Margam and the Multifaceted Producer and keyboardist Sergio Hidalgo merge their sound, although the main objective of the new project is to consolidate their own identity in a new instrumental era of music modern where they leave the doors open on the way to urban jazz funk.

"Sensibility" debut single preview of his first album scheduled for this year 2021 of this fruitful project in which the media and radio stations around the world predict a promising future in the Smooth Jazz scene internationally.

Available on all digital platforms on Jun 05, 2021