Wednesday, May 5, 2021


Leopard (Broken Silence)
May 3, 2021

The Peterson Brothers - keyboard player Ricky, bass player Billy, drummer / guitar player Paul and their nephew, saxophonist Jason - are true brothers in arms, Minneapolis institutions, members and survivors of that city's musical revolution. They lay the music out like an uptown groove buffet.
You don't need to be smart to feel the beat of the heart; you don't need to play dumb to feel the beat of the drum. This is music everybody can get with. Natural talent by the yard and years of playing with the some of the best of the best - from Prince to Bonnie Raitt, Eddie Harris to Mose Allison, Dave Sanborn to Boz Scaggs, Fleetwood Mac to Bob Dylan, and that barely scratches the surface - make this tribute to a legendary musical family a back-slapping, finger-popping good time.

The fact that it took a couple of decades to get these world travellers together into the same room for a couple of days only proves that when the time is right the real deal is on the table. Praise the lord and pass the ammunition, the Peterson Brothers are in town!


1 One For Horace
2 Under The Radar
3 Hey Brother
4 Sit This One Out
5 Peter
6 Blue Cadillac
7 After The Fun
8 I Think I´ll Be OK
9 Love Is The Only Way
10 Maypo
11 Fredlip

Acoustic Bass – Willard Peterson
Alto Saxophone – Jason Peterson Delaire
Drums, Guitar, Vocals – Paul Peterson
Keyboards, Vocals – Ricky Peterson
Saxophone – Tom Peterson
Trombone – Ira Nepus
Trumpet – Lee Thornburg