Thursday, June 3, 2021


May 14, 2021

Following the success of winning the coveted 2020 Artist Vision Award from the Beverly Hills-based Akademia Music Awards, combined with a crippling COVID-19 pandemic that attempted to paralyze the global entertainment business, Italian jazz-funk group Camera Soul still safely hit the studio late last year to record its sixth full-length album, 'Esagerato' ('Exaggerated' in Italian, from label Azzurra Music).

'Esagerato's global album release is timed to coincide with the ten-year anniversary of the supergroup's first album, 'Words Don't Speak' and also celebrates twenty years since the prolific composer-producer brothers, Piero and Pippo Lombardo (Lombardo Bros Productions), released their first original works with popular bossa nova group, Marchio Bossa.

The new album promises plenty of upbeat, top quality Jazz-Funk, Nu-Disco, and Neo Soul, as craved by its growing and dedicated global fan base, and continues its longtime engineering partnership at A.MA Studios in Bari (Italy), where it was expertly recorded, mixed, and mastered.

It may be interesting to note that a 2021 release follows an established pattern of releasing Camera Soul studio albums in odd-numbered years. Furthermore, with exception to the eponymous Italian album and title track name, Camera Soul's lyrics are primarily in English in order to appeal to a worldwide audience.
The band's roster, with lead vocals from Maria Enrica Lotesoriere, boasts the same powerful lineup as its 2019 hit album, "Existence", and each release since 2014. 'Esagerato's release is a celebratory event throughout May 2021, beginning with the release of the title single on April 30, followed by the full digital album through all major global outlets (iTunes, Amazon, etc) on May 14, and next on CD (Italy, Japan) after May 16.
Finally, for the first time ever, Azzurra Music will also offer a special, limited edition on vinyl, available exclusively at

Fans can also stream the new album, as well as the entire Camera Soul catalogue, with exclusive subscriber access through American partner label, TIMKAT Entertainment, at

It should be noted that legal downloads from Azzurra and TIMKAT most closely support these independent artists, compared to all other digital options.

Pending the lifting of regional COVID restrictions, the group is available to be booked for live performances through MCM Agency, which represents top jazz artists such as Billy Cobham and Stanley Jordan.

For more information about Camera Soul, visit the group's official website at and follow American label TIMKAT Entertainment on Twitter @timkatent for instant updates in English.