Sunday, July 25, 2021


June 23,2021

Ayane Yamazaki's new album "Ribbon" combines ambient pop and easy listening.

Ayane Yamazaki, who has been heard by indie music listeners all over the world, hit the charts in Europe, and released her new album "Ribbon" on June 23.

This work combines ambient pop and easy listening, and you can feel the transparent gravity. She made all the recording tracks with sound producer Kei Maruyama, and She played piano and synthesizer at instrumental tune. The song writing that develops by changing two melodies is characteristic.

Ayane Yamazaki focused on recording, focusing on the energy and creativity of sound itself.
She imagined that he would separate only the sound from his music background, roots, stories, languages and characters, and synchronize and connect with listeners all over the world like "Ribbon".

She want you to be free to find your own knots in this piece without being bound by any restrictions.