Thursday, July 15, 2021


Castella Music
July 9, 2021

Castella hit the music scene in April 2020 with the release of her original tune No Ordinary Love. Hailing from Long Beach, California, Castella has sang her entire life. Castella's family and friends know her as Cathy Rebecca Crowell-Thompson - wife, mother of 3 and Human Resources (HR) Executive.

In the latter part of her career in HR, she was inspired to tap into the creative side of her brain by mentor and writing partner, Darryl Swann. Unknowing to Castella, this little project would turn into the fulfillment of unrealized dreams of sharing her gifts with the world and being her saving grace after losing her HR position just weeks after the release of her EP. Castella released her first EP -Thinking About You, produced by Corey Stampley, in late 2019.
She released her first single from that EP "No Ordinary Love"in April 2020. This tune reached #24 on the Smooth Jazz Charts and garnered her a"Breakout Artist of 2020"Nomination by Smooth Jazz Network, an original iHeartRadio station. She then decided to make another record and release it on her birthday as a gift to herself. During the pandemic, she met producer Jeff Canady. Along with Jeff, they pushed out two amazing records,"Let Me Love You" and "Sleigh Ride" two amazing records! "Let Me Love You" reached #33 on the smooth jazz charts and rose to #5 on the Urban charts and rose to #1 on the Black Planet Radio chart in Italy. Sleigh Riderose to #6 on the smooth jazz Holiday Chart.

Castella's work on "Let Me Love You" garnered her nominations for the"President's Award","New Comer of the Year"and"Best Female Artist of 2020"as well as being named "Artist of the Year" by the Central Standard Time Show and she has the hardware to show it! Ever true to her work and trusting her heart, Castella decided to reach back into her pocket and release her tune Mojito from her debut EP. A very special record to Castella and her team where her mentor, multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning producer Darryl Swann contributed with writing on the tune as well as mixing and mastering the tune, in fact all of her tunes. Mojito did well on the charts, rising to #2 on the Urban Influencer R&B/Soul Chart and #49 on the Smooth Jazz Network Top 100 Chart!!

Castella returns with her latest original tune, "So Glad I Met You", just in time for your summer playlists! Written by Castella and Jeff Canady, "So Glad I Met You" is a playful tale of catching the eye of that unsuspecting someone who changes your life! Always the hopeless romantic, Castella’s lyrics touch the innocence of budding love and affection. To add a little flavor to the tune, Castella is joined by #1 Billboard charting trumpeter Willie Bradley!

Producer Jeff Canady always brings the pop on his tracks and he delivered once again! Vocal producer and Mixing Engineer Darryl Swann provided the guidance needed in studio for Castella to deliver another stellar performance as well as blending everything together to present Castella's unique style together with the amazing talents of Jeff Canady and the band. Lending her voice to both lead and background vocals, this tune showcases Castella’s versatility and God given talent! Mastering Engineer, Steve Hall polished up the efforts of the team to present another outstanding record to her body of work!

Castella always acknowledges the men behind the music, they delivered mightily on this track:

Featured Artist - Willie Bradley, Trumpet
Jeff Canady, Drums
Joe Foster, Guitar
LaShawn D. Gary, Keys
Darrell Smith, Bass

Castella continues to work on more music to share with her fans. The"Let Me Love You" EP is slated for release in late 2021 and will include two original tunes and two of Castella’s favorite tunes.

Castella wishes to inspire people to live out their dreams, share their gifts because it's never too late!