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Ultimate Vibe Recordings
Sept. 3, 2021

Guitarist, composer, and arranger CHRIS STANDRING is one of the most prolific and successful artists on the contemporary urban jazz scene. With 13 Billboard Top 10 singles and 6 singles that reached number one on the chart, Jazz Monthly has said of Standring, “One of contemporary jazz’s most dynamic and in-demand guitarists, Standring’s sensual chill, ambient soul and retro-groove pop jazz is fashioned around his trademark hip-swaying guitar.” Now, with WONDERFUL WORLD, his 14th release as a leader, he is once again pushing the envelope of taste and style with a project that is wholly different from anything he has done before.

Unlike all his other projects, he composed just one of the tunes on the album and instead concentrated on putting his own unique spin on songs from the Great American Songbook. The album also features a 19-piece orchestra, which is something he always wanted to do. Standring says, “I chose these songs because I love them but also because they could be arranged for a full orchestra or a trio setting. I think there’s something magical about the sound of a guitar and orchestra playing together, but I won’t always be in situations where it’s possible to use an orchestra. So the arrangements had to be flexible enough to work in a trio setting.”

Standring set out to make an album of music that was pared down to its essence. He wasn’t interested in pyrotechnics that would show off his considerable chops. Instead, he wanted to invite listeners in with open trio arrangements and lush orchestrations that would be nostalgic yet updated with a contemporary sensibility.

Features Randy Brecker, Kathrin Shorr, Peter Erskine, Harvey Mason, David Karasony, Chuck Berghofer, Darek Oles, Geoff Gascoyne...


1. How Insensitive
2. Night & Day
3. Autumn In New York
4. Estate
5. What A Wonderful World (featuring Kathrin Shorr)
6. Green Dolphin Street
7. Alfie
8. Falling In Love With Love
9. Sunrise (featuring Randy Brecker)
10. Maxine
11. My Foolish Heart