Friday, August 20, 2021



Innervision Records
Aug. 20, 2021

When it comes to one of the most distinctive sounds in what we call the Smooth jazz genre today, Dean James quickly comes to mind. The sensual, soulful and smooth sound of his alto and soprano sax continues to leave a lasting impression on his followers, from the most devoted to the newest. With James' upcoming album "GroovySax", Dean James is sure to reach the masses.

Dean James will release his new album "Groovy Sax" on August 20th! Dean's creativity during the pandemic put him in a productive mode to finish this long-awaited album, his first since 2009.

Groovy Sax displays Dean's proficiency on the alto and soprano saxophone while also showing the depth of his heartfelt compositions.⠀"GroovySax" is a compilation of arrangements with many different elements including jazz, R&B, Latin-jazz, and funk. All written, arranged and produced by James with the exception of the talented musician writer, producer Cory James.


01. DJ's Groove
02. It's All Good
03. Loving You Forever
04. GroovySax
05. Home
06. Planet Smooth
07. To Hold You Again
08. Arvette's Holiday
09. Georgia On My Mind (feat. Salio)