Saturday, September 4, 2021


Tracy Marlow
May 7, 2020

Balance9 is the duo of Tracy M composer/musician and APJ composer/saxophonist, and also a family of musician friends. They have a future-minded respect for the 9 elements of making music. For them, it’s important where music goes from here. Tracy M has deep roots in music that has landed him two technical audio engineering gold awards, working with Black Sheep and De La Soul and over a decade of others in the classic Hip-Hop community. 

Working with Keith Sweat, Christopher Williams, Terri and Monica, Arrested Development, and many other popular producers across 5 states in the US, has helped develop the love of world music, and that love, with the love of his native roots of Michigan creates a jazz sound that heals the soul. APJ, an accomplished saxophonist and vocalist, has been performing professionally since the age of 12, singing since the age of 4 and playing the saxophone since the age of 9. He is a dedicated and well respected musician. He has performed with Rick James, Stevie Wonder, Nikki Gilbert of Brownstone, Dave Hollister, Deborah Cox, Blu Cantrell, Brian McKnight, Stokely of Mint Condition, Loose Ends, Javier, the Mary Jane Girls, the Brothers Johnson, Michael Henderson, Ray Parker, Jr. , the Calloway Bros., Adina Howard and Slum Village just to name a few. It has been magical for us both since the first day.

Balance9 hopes to elevate the listening experience of fans with that love for music now and for the future. Formatted as jazz instrumentalist, the plan is to pull jazz forward a bit and add to the many ways that our mentors explored jazz by becoming new ancestors now healed by the elegance of music.

Inside Out is an album that will be added to many play-list by music lovers who enjoy instrumental music and a sound that is healing. The balance9 sound is welcoming and does not demand attention to be enjoyed. Different songs are favorites by different music professionals and music lovers. The single Sway is a mid-tempo smooth dance feel track, with a energy and tribal back-drop, layered with bugle styled horns, and a easy classic sax delivery.


1. Stature
2. Champagne
3. Half Steppin Half
4. Escape
5. 110 At Night
6. Two Skies
7. Sway
8. Blu-Bee’s
9. Human League