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July 11, 2021

The principal Groove55 members, consists of Yves Adam (alto, tenor & baritone sax, as well as clarinet) a graduate of McGill’s music faculty in jazz performance and a saxophone teacher at The Montreal International Jazz festival Blues Camp.

Jacques Mignault (Keyboards) studied alongside Art Roberts at Montreal’s Concordia University; he would later go on to win the inaugural grand prize of the Roland Synthesizer music contest among seven hundred entrants spanning over twenty-two countries that was judged by the late great Oscar Peterson.

Nicolas Chourot (Guitars) has been a favourite of Montreal's International Jazz Festival. He played with many African and Fusion groups in time, and you can hear the influences. Nicolas appeared first on the 4th Groove 55 album "New Beginning".

The group came out with their first album in November 2010, and album named "En Route". This album had four steady players: Jacques Gagné, a great drummer who passed away in 2021, Yves Adam on sax, Yves Nadeau on bass and Jacques Mignault on keys.

In March 2012, with their second album "À la carte", Groove55 climbed onto the prestigious Top 50 chart, as well as on the Jazz News smooth jazz 'single' and 'album' charts. The most important thing for the members of Groove 55 is the groove and this band has it in spades on their albums or on stage as displayed on their Youtube videos. "À la carte" was mixed by Ken Freeman (Fourplay, Toto, and may more).

Their third album "Voyage" appeared in November 2012 and featured Mino Cinelu on percussion, as well as Rick Braun on some tracks. The album, like the previous one included Daniel Lemay on drums replacing Jacques Gagné.

The fourth album "New Beginning" was created in June 2018 after a long break, with the help of Yves Nadeau on bass, Nicolas Chourot on guitars, and Jacques on keys. Yves Adam appeared on a few tracks.

The fifth album "Planet Session" was recorded live at the Planet Studio in Montreal in July 2020 right in the middle of the COVID pandemic, respecting social distanciation, and wearing masks. The session was mixed by Ken Freeman in 2021 and is now on digital distribution networks.

Now, Groove 55 presents its 6th album, called "Jazzful Spirit". The album contains twelve songs, some of which are pure fun, and some of which are more into the Jazz Realm.

The first song (We Are) Brothers speaks of friendship and true respect in family brotherhood. It is a trippy and funky song written and performed by Yves Adam on alto sax and Jacques Mignault on keyboards and drum programming, and featuring Peter Dowse on bass.

Sweet Potato features the baritone sax skills of Yves Adam, with Lewis Orenstein on bass and Jacques on keys and drum programming.

Sunset Drive is another collaboration between Yves Adam on tenor sax, Peter Dowse on bass and Jacques on keys and drum programming.

Someone To Love features Quebec acclaimed singer Jean-Claude Béliveau and Mike Di Nardo on backup vocals. The song is played by well known Montreal bassist Wayne Smith, Nicolas Chourot on guitars, and Jacques on keys and drum programming.

Angel Heart is a ballad on which are playing Bill Bennett (Mango Taxi) on bass and fretless, Yves Adam on his first instrument, the clarinet, and Jacques doing the rest of the tracks.

Waltz For Jaco is in honour of Jaco Pastorius, one of the greatest bass players ever to have lived. This song features Éliane Doucet on trumpet, a 16 years old, vision impaired girl whose talent will captivate you. Well known Montreal session drummer Joann Blondin handles the drums here, with Wayne Smith on bass. Yves Adam is on sax and horn arrangements, and Jacques is on keys.

In Your Eyes is a Peter Gabriel song which we adapted to our style. Nicolas Chourot is on guitar, Christian Proulx on guitar as well and Yves Adam on tenor saxophone. Jacques arranged and played the rest of the instruments.

My Favourite Things, a Hammerstein classic, is given an Acid Jazz feel with Yves Adan on clarinet, Peter Dowse on bass and Jacques on keys and drum arrangements.

See You Again is a sweet ballad featuring Jojo (Jocelyne) Dupras on the lead vocal, Mike Dinardo authored the lyrics and is on drums and backup vocals, Nicolas Chourot is on guitar and Yves Adam is on sax. Jacques is on the piano.

As It Is is a Fusion style song with special guest Alain Boyer on drums, Wayne Smith on bass, Nicolas Chourot on guitar, Yves Adam on sax and Jacques on keys.

Siyotanka is the name of the Native American flute. On this one, Yves Adam plays the clarinet on top of Jacques' arrangements.

Seven For You is a special odd meter song composed by Yves Adam on clarinet and saxophone, Joann Blondin on drums, Bill Bennett on bass and Jacques on keys.


1. Brothers
2. Sweet Potato
3. Sunset Drive
4. Someone To Love
5. Angel Heart
6. Waltz For Jaco
7. In Your Eyes
8. My Favourite Things
9. See You Again
10. As It Is
11. Siyotanka Seven For You