Friday, September 17, 2021


Aug. 27, 2021

"Walk It Like You Talk It" is the latest high-energy horn-laden single from Rob Tardik’s current 8th recording release Diversity Volume 2–Contemporary Funky Jazz. Featuring a stellar cast of musicians from Canada and the U.S., this track features both instrumental and vocal versions for radio programmers.

Carson Freeman is an Ontario-based saxophonist and Rob's long-time performing & touring bandmate. Carson performs on alto, tenor, soprano, and baritone saxophones and even doubles on flute and clarinet.
From Vancouver, Rob’s special guest, multi-award-winning horn player Gabriel Mark Hasselbach appears here adding his artistic magic on both trumpet and trombone.

On guest vocals from Toronto is Sandra Bouza. Sandra is an incredible artist herself and is featured here lending her soulful voice on this track to bring truth and integrity to the song's message.

Adding to the Toronto synergy of talent is Rob DeBoer from Four80East who plays keyboards on the track as well as co-producing the single with Rob.

From Southern Los Angeles, both Tony Moore and Roberto Vally are two musicians firmly grounded in the Contemporary Jazz culture and artistic landscape who perform with the biggest stars of Smooth and Contemporary Jazz. They are the perfect addition to Rob's current funky jazz Diversity project.