Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Alford Entertainment
Oct. 15, 2021

Violinist Brooke Alford is releasing her new single SHINE, which will be included on her highly anticipated fifth CD release in 2022. SHINE is the celebration of overcoming the dark challenges of life by illuminating, fearlessly.

“2020 by far was the toughest year of my life. The challenges I experienced were catalysts that exposed the darkest side of my life end of myself. I had to change in order to truly live in my purpose and on the level that is desired. Diamonds are made in the darkness under extreme pressure and extreme environmental conditions. Their beauty and essence are undeniable. It’s time to shine bright just like a diamond”, says the Atlanta-based artist.

From the transition of her beloved Father, The Late Vernon Alford Jr. from cancer, her Father’s brother Michael Alford from health complications in 2020, to the unexpected passing of her dear God Father William Smith in February 2021, Brooke realized these challenging moments had to occur in order to resurrect the light within her.

Brooke was inspired to transform from the inside-out for the greater. Her new enlightened path of purpose, well-being, and determination to walk a stronger walk in honor of the transcendent loved ones is the inspiration behind SHINE.

Produced by Fayetteville, NC‘s finest, George Freeman (Pianist), Brooke and George called on an all star lineup of musicians including Sean Michael Ray (bass), Anthony Roberts (Drums), Adam Smith (Lead Guitar) to bring a fresh, uplifting, and funky groove to the track.