Saturday, November 13, 2021


Lars Taylor
November 8, 2021

After more than a year with people’s faces being partially hidden by masks, we now appreciate the beauty of a warm smile more than ever before. No smooth jazz artist captures the hopeful spirit of that image more delightfully and infectiously than Swiss born guitarist/composer Lars Taylor, whose latest acoustic guitar driven single “Smile” offers a bright and balmy, sweetly exotic and percussive flamenco-tinged soundtrack to a joyful summer of renewal and fresh possibilities. Earthy and deeply emotional yet uplifting and transcendent, the track is the perfect blend of buoyancy, soulfulness and dreamy atmospheres. It is also a true family affair featuring Taylor’s wife Gabriela and son Joshua on the dreamy backing vocals.

Taylor’s passion for eclectic rhythms traces back to the years of his childhood spent in Brazil, where he absorbed bossa nova, samba and the culture’s other popular styles. His emergence as a solo instrumental artist follows years playing in bands in Switzerland and Germany.