Thursday, February 3, 2022


January 24, 2022

"Keep Movin," the new single produced by guitarist Adam Hawley, is an upbeat and energetic song showcasing Mr. Soul-Rockin Flutist, Brandon Marceal.

Marceal is a progressive artist who is bringing a unique flavor to the jazz music scene and creating a connection with the souls of listeners across America. With every fluttering breath, he takes the notes on his flute and makes more than music. He makes conversation while crossing genres, transcending his listeners into a musical world full of melodies and frequencies. Brandon Marceal’s sound is a sultry and soothing sensation. He admires artists Hubert Laws and Bobbi Humphrey, and describes his music as therapeutic and refreshing.

His layering of soulful R&B and Latin rhythms along with hip hop influences has led to collaborations with composer Kevin Kendricks and legendary singer Patti LaBelle on the Universal Picture’s 2006 release, Idlewild, featuring Andre 3000 and Big Boi of Outkast. He was also hand picked by Nicki Minaj for her cover contest & honored as a grand prize winner. Most recently, Brandon was named Ben Tankard’s “Sunday’s Best Musician” 2020 grand prize winner, and can be heard on Tankard’s 2021 release, Shine! Marceal is creating quite a buzz by presenting a refreshing and soothing voice to Gospel, Contemporary Jazz and hip-hop/R&B. Having dedicated decades pursuing a pure passion for the flute, Brandon Marceal has mastered using intonation to make the flute a voice for his personality.