Friday, April 1, 2022


Goze Limited
January 27, 2022

Known for his brilliant ability to blend wortd music with jazz and downtempo Christophe does not like to label his music and stick to one genre. "My influences have always been very wide and I never liked the idea of being stuck in one style. I'm more like a musical digital nomad who likes to freely experiment the moment as it comes. Depending where my mind has been traveling and what influences me at the time" says Christophe.

Jazz has always been a big part of his life and his guitar playing as definitely been influenced by it. "l've always been fascinated by the colors and sound of Jazz and as a guitarist by the technicality of this music"

As a producer his sound is miles away from Jazz. He gets his technic & influences from Lounge, electronic music and even pop. The mix of the two is what he calls "Jazzy Lounge"

The "Reminiscence" album was a strong and evident step into that direction . This new album "Soul To Soul" is another attempt, trying to go even a step further and reach to the planet "Smooth Jazz". From "Jazzy Lounge" to "Smooth Jazz" the border can be very thin and a very interesting journey to travel. "I certainly enjoyed the trip and can't wait to see where this is going to take me in the future"

Christophe is French born & lives in Barcelona. He was signed by Virgin Japan at the age of 23. Moved to London and started to collaborate with the famous Cafe Del mar & Buddha Bar. Christophe also regularly writes for Television & films & got nominated for Best UK Tv avert music in 2001 . His latest major synch was on "The 355" movie with Jessica Chastain & Peneloppe Cruz

Christophe Goze, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Elect Bass, Keyboards, Drums & Grooving things by Christophe Goze 

Other musicians who participated in the making of this album: Lead Nylon Guitar on "At The End Of The Street" by Marc Antoine Bass on "The Nightfly", "Soul to Soul" & "Ti Voglio Bene" by Roberto Briot Drums on -Lazy Sunday" & "Passing Time" by Curtis Lyons Jr Drums on 'The Nightfly" & "Soul to soul" by Laurent Faucheux Drums on voglio bene" by Matthieu Rabatte Accordina on "The Nightfly (Extended)", "We'll Meet Again" & "Ti Voglio Bene" by Frederic Langlais Flute on "At the end of the street" & -The Nightfly" by Michel Gaucher Indian vocals on "At The End Of The Street" by Ravi Prasad.