Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Matcha Entertainment
March 14, 2022

Following Eric Valentine’s Velvet Groove Album, Eric rallies more of the best musicians to move us again in his new single Q’s Vibe. His fresh collaborative sounds leave music-lovers grooving to his singable melodies, rich harmonies, and impeccable grooves.

His song "Velvet Groove" marched its way to Billboard’s #2 Smooth Jazz song of the year and remained on various charts for over 21 weeks. And, now Q’s Vibe is set to hit the airwaves internationally on March 14.

For Q’s Vibe, Eric called on Saxophonist Everette Harp and keyboardist Greg Manning to play his infectious melodies along with him. Eric lays the groove and serenades us with his smooth layered scatting vocals. And his voice is a delightful, unexpected complement to the sass of Everette’s sax and the enchanting sound of Greg’s keys. Together, they take you on a captivating musical journey, inspired by legendary composer and producer Quincy Jones.

Eric Valentine - Drums, Drum Programing, Vocals, Keyboards
Everette Harp - Saxophone
Greg Manning - Piano, Synth Solo
Devin A. Smith - Keyboards
David Dyson - Bass
Rick Watford - Guitar
Tim Carmon - Organ