Sunday, November 6, 2022

FOLLOW ME 87.6 Ep. 299



Jestofunk – The Ghetto
Valentino Maltos – Don’t You Worry ‘bout a Thing
Brown, Sturgis & Brown – Every Time l Close My eyes
John W. Hudson – About Last Night ( Ft. Kill Bill)
Leo P – Cold Duck Time
Eric Valentine – Let’s Move (Ft. Richard Elliot)
Doctor X – Magneto
Lemek – Co-Motion
Dennis Taylor – Could lt Be
Paul Brown – 7 and 7
Richard Smith – Groove Assets
Lisa Addeo – Perfect Timing
LaShawn D. Gary – Transitions
Cal Harris Jr. – Breakthough
Carlos Camilo – On My Way (Ft. David Margam)
Solex – Readsong
Stix Bones – Promenade
Michael Fields Jr. - l Like That (Ft. Fred Smith)
Merlon Devine – Stirred
Jazz Funk Soul – When The Time Comes
Anthony Bracanti – Run River North ( Ft. Lamell &Robi Botos)
Joe Leavy – Let lt Go (Ft. Steve Hanuman)