One day, at the San Javier Jazz Festival in Murcia (Spain), Pedro Carretero and Kirk Whalum met at the same hotel when the saxophonist told Pedro in a nice conversation that he was the "evangelist" of Smooth Jazz. Kirk was on tour with Fourplay replacing the remembered guitarist Chuck Loeb and Pedro made his own tour attending a new festival. For more than a year, in 2016, Pedro had already started broadcasting the radio show Follow Me 87.6 from Valencia (Spain) although he already had some experience as a DJ in his youth. Since then he has been following the artists very closely, from the Mallorca Smooth Jazz Festival, the San Javier Jazz Festival, the Algarve Smooth Jazz Festival or the Smooth Hot Jazz Festival in Madrid.

Pedro met the Smooth Jazz Festival of Mallorca thanks to Rebeca Vega, Marc Antoine's wife. After attending his first Festival, Pedro was enchanted with the simplicity and education of the attendees, musicians and audience that congregated there.
Pedro's biggest "problem" has been to speak the English language, but Pedro has never needed to speak in another language than the Spanish language throughout his life.

Javi Martin from Madrid (Spain), already had some experience after editing a musical fanzine for four years and having made some collaborations in West Coast Music Magazine more recently. We are joined by music and we both enjoy Smooth Jazz, Soul, Funky or West Coast music.

Although Follow Me 87.6 is also available on Facebook and Instagram, it was during the celebration of the Madrid Smooth Hot Jazz Festival in April of this year 2019 when we both decided that it was also on the internet and, what better way to do it than with a blog with information about musical news , new releases ... a website that allowed us to include the images of concerts and festivals that we can attend but also made us think about creating the YouTube channel for Follow Me 87.6 that would also serve to upload the videos we could record with the musicians playing live.

All this was already fine but also, we decided to embed the podcasts of the Radio Shows of Follow Me 87.6 and the thematic podcasts of Cocktail Party, speechless music from Smooth Jazz to the Soul and Funky of our good friend J&J, or ... West Coast music too.
Just to listen to good music from the web.

But this does not end here, because we have collaborations of great friends, such as Nuria as speaker, José Luis in the interviews and Raúl our video editor. The perfect team.

This is followme876.com. We hope you enjoy it and see us again soon.