Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Label: Independent
September 14, 2020

Multi-instrumentalist Walter Runge just released Why Dontcha Do It. It's a new single from his 2019 album Bakers Dozen.

Monday, September 28, 2020


Label: Greg Manning Music
July 27, 2020

Producer and keyboardist Greg Manning has just released his new single Grateful as a follow-up to Twinke, his previous # 1 single. Judah Sealy on sax is featured as guest artist in Grateful.

Sunday, September 27, 2020



Rob Zinn – Take That! Feat Greg Manning
Paula Atherton – Ain´T No Denyin´ - Don´T Let Me Wait – A Night In Madrid
Debora Galan – Make You Mine
Special Efx – Vacation For Life
Antonio Gómez – Aires De Mar - Redondo
Carol Albert Feat Paul Brown - Perfect Sunday
Sean U Feat Blake Aaron – Magic Hour
Wakana – (Feat: Darren Rahn & Koh Mr. Saxman) - Go For The Sound
Chieli Minucci – Mr. Marzipan
Blake Aaron (Feat Darren Rahn) – Groovers And Shakers
Airbone – Smooth Sailling
Lionel Richie – All Night Long 

Saturday, September 26, 2020


About the color of this week: Blue, Dave says: “Today’s song from the album (to match the color blue), I must admit, is my favorite. A song written in NYC with my longtime collaborators Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken, it’s called “Long Goodbyes” and features the absolutely gorgeous piano of one of the all-time greats (and a huge musical mentor to me and so many others), the amazing Bob James. There’s a really funny (and completely true) story of how Bob got involved with this song in the first place…click the blue video to hear it and hear the song. Trust me, you can’t make this stuff up!! :)

Thematically, this song is about that feeling of having to say goodbye to someone we don’t want to say goodbye to. The emotion behind that moment is represented in the song…wistful, but with a tinge of hopefulness, as if maybe this goodbye won’t be forever. It’s a feeling we are all familiar with, especially in the pandemic. One of the most difficult aspects of this period has been not being able to see our loved ones for so long, making those "long goodbyes” inevitable. But one day soon we will all be reunited…and what a reunion it will be!”

Friday, September 25, 2020


Label: Rob Zinn Music 
September 14, 2020

Rob Zinn in his purest style. Take That! it's an invitation to fun!!

Rob Zinn: trumpet, flugelhorn, harmon
Darrell Crooks: guitars
Greg Manning: Keys, synths, bass and drum programming

Produced and mixed by Greg Manning

Available on all Digital Media Outlets

Thursday, September 24, 2020


Label: Independent 
September 24, 2020

Based in San Diego, Debora Galán spent her early childhood in Madrid, where her mother and grandfather sang flamenco at huge family gatherings. She was educated in Washington, D.C. and became a widely acculturated teen, listening to singers from Streisand to Sade.

After two decades as an R&B, jazz, gospel, and pop singer, Galán jumped out of the box with her 2016 album, All About Love. It was her first as a leader and primary composer. Carving out new stylistic territory, the latin jazz album was a clear reflection of her Spanish/Cuban heritage. She had reclaimed her full identity.

All About Love features 10 originals exploring the various aspects of love, from enchantment to heartbreak. Critics have praised Galán’s stirring vocal renditions and the rich and rhythmic arrangements framing them.

Debora Galán, Debora Galán has released her new single, Make You Mine. Produced by Emmy-winning Latin/World music producer, Allan Phillips, Make You Mine features sax virtuoso, Justo Almario, of the jazz-funk band, Koinonia. Phillips, who also produced Galán’s first album, All About Love, is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who has also played several of the instruments on this track including vibes.

Galán, has been working on her new project since returning SD after her last East Coast tour last summer (July 2019) where she was a featured vocalist at Blues Alley, in Washington, D.C., to debut her collaborations with genre-busting bassist/composer Christian de Mesones’ latest work. Galán co-wrote and was the featured vocalist for two songs, Hispanica and Sweetnight, on his album titled, They Call Me Big New York. Debora Galán brought the slow burn and endless rhythmic possibilities of Latin Jazz into the realm of Smooth Jazz. 

"Make You Mine" is something more than a love song, is Debora Galán with her sensual voice in a smooth and tender interpretation.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Label: Vintage League Music 
August 27, 2020

BT ALC Big Band is excited to release new single "The Iguana", recorded remotely during the Covid19 pandemic.

Once again, the process began by getting VLM co-founder and Soulive drummer Alan Evans together with organist Darby Wolf at Iron Wax Studios to lay down the initial track for the rest of the band to work off of. BT ALC Big Band is known to employ the classic organ trio sound (organ bass) as their rhythm section but decided to use an electric bass for this recording. Bassist Nate Edgar (Nth Power / John Brown’s Body) and BT ALC Big Band co-leader Brian Thomas have been close friends and musical partners for years and were excited to reconnect for this project. “Nate is so musical, versatile and such a beautiful soul. We knew he’d be a perfect fit for this song” said Thomas.

"The Iguana" is inspired by the uptempo grooves on Grant Green’s classic album "Live At The Lighthouse" recorded in 1972. Evans suggested getting Soulive bandmate Eric Krasno to play guitar, which was perfect as no one has mastered the funky Grant Green lead and rhythm guitar sound more than Krasno. Rounding out the special guests is legendary flutist/tenor saxophonist Karl Denson (Greyboy Allstars / Rolling Stones). Also contributing to this track are saxophonists Mark Zaleski, Pete Levesque, Mike Tucker, Tucker Antell & Jared Sims, trumpets Yaure Muniz, Alex Lee-Clark, Mark Berney & Doug Olsen, trombonists Ben Griffin, Brian Thomas, Clayton DeWalt & Rob Krahn, percussionist Yahuba Garcia.

Since the group's formation in 2011, BT ALC Big Band has gained a reputation for hard grooving original compositions featuring the most talented jazz and funk musicians in Boston. BT ALC Big Band draws from the big band traditions of Duke Ellington and Count Basie then infuses music from funk legends like James Brown, Parliament Funkadelic, and The Meters, creating an undeniably unique sound, Big Band Funk.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Label: Dream On Records
September 18, 2020

Saxophonist and flutist Paula Atherton has enjoyed a long career in contemporary jazz. Her new album, "Can You Feel It?" already started to receive accolades with her single also titled "Can You Feel It," reaching #1 for three straight weeks on Billboard charts. The album features multiple producers, from Lou Gimenez, Bill Heller, better known as keyboardist for The Ripppingtons, Greg Manning, multi-instrumentalists Matt Godina and Nathan MItchell, Paul Brown and Schuyler Deale.

It's an album full of variety, from the latin rhythms of “One Night in Madrid”, the sensational version of Patrice Rushen's funky song “Forget Me Nots” amazing with Cindy Bradley on trumpet and trombone. Atherton's beautiful voice on the ballad "Calling You", the fantastic “Can You Feel It" which was Billboard's first #1 single and that gives its name to the album. Undoubtedly a real pleasure for listening, as well as its second single "Just Can't Stop".

"Funkulator" is the track that closes the album, another superb song that reinforces the variety and genius of a high-rise album where, in addition to Atherton, the guitarist and co-producer Lou Gimenez has a fundamental role, the appearance of up to five songs by Cindy Bradley, the presence on the keyboards and production of Greg Manning or the already mentioned Matt Godina and Nathan Mitchell.

"Can you Feel It?" It is a safe bet, where each of the songs is a delight, they make time pass too quickly and you want more Paula Atherton, although you will always have the opportunity to listen to it from the beginning and enjoy it again...

Javi Martin

Monday, September 21, 2020


Label: R.L. Walker
September 7, 2020

A new remixed and remastered version of "Warm Autumn Sunset" from the album "3rd Time's the Charm" that is sure to be a classic from smooth jazz saxophonist R.L. Walker. Just in time for the fall season! Get ready to relax and feel the good vibes!



Brian Hughes - One 2 One
Nils - 3 Outa sight
Mario González – Open Road
Phil Sheeran – Look of Love
Maurice Johnson – The Next Time i See you
John Novello (Feat Eric Marienthal) – Good to Go
Gary Palmer (Feat Bob Baldwin) – Land Of The sun
Dee Dee Davis (Feat Bob Baldwin) I Do
Francisca Tomas – Clouds in my Mirror
James Day (Feat Audrey Wheeler) – Better Days
Mattias Roos - Feels Like Home
Carl Roland – A Natural High
JJ Sansaverino – The Groove Messenger
Desmond Meyer (Feat Greg Manning) – Lickamore
Will Donato – The High Road
Eddie Garrido – In a Dream -Flying Through
Catie Waters – Sunsets
Mario González - little bossa
Antonio Gómez – Porvenir
Adriano María – Mediterranean Mood – It´s me
Mindi Abair – Forever
Illya Serov – Chillin´
Eddie Garrido- te me olvidas- El verdadero amor – No me platiques mas
Paul Carrack - how long live - Harvest for the World


Saturday, September 19, 2020


Label: Légère Recordings 
September 18, 2020

Infused with soul, jazz and a good splash of hip hop "Freedom Is You" is the brand new single by Myles Sanko taken from his forthcoming studio album "Memories Of Love" due for release early spring 2021 and will be available for pre-order next month in limited edition gatefold and standard vinyl, deluxe edition CD, and digital versions. Self produced and co-written with long time bandmate Tom O'Grady (Resolution 88), "Freedom is You" is personal and celebrates Myles's love for music.

"This song is about my relationship with music. Music is my freedom, music gives me purpose, music makes me feel alive, it completes me and I will be forever grateful to have found it. If I had never found music I would have been truly lost in my early years and God only knows the person I would be today"

With an upbeat, soul lifting spirit, and catchy hook sung by a 8-voice choir and accompanied by a powerful music video directed by Myles himself. As always you truly get to experience the full creative spectrum of this sensational multi-talented artist. A musician, composer, producer and cinematographer, the diversity of talents have allowed him to create music entirely in his own vision.

Friday, September 18, 2020


In this fourth week of the "Colors Of A New Day" campaign Dave introduces us to the “Side by Side” collaboration with David Sanborn, his saxophone hero since his youth. Although the two have toured together, "Side by Side" marks the first recording together.

Dave says, "Now if you know me then you know I'm completely crazy about David Sanborn. He's my saxophone hero: I adored him and his records growing up. I used to memorize all of his licks, learn every note of his songs and try to emulate him in every possible way. One day when I was younger, I got to know him. His wise advice? Stop copying it and be myself. Probably the best advice I have ever received from a mentor.

David and I eventually became colleagues and friends, and we even consolidated our musical kinship in 2016 with a tour of the United States together. But one thing still eluded me ... the opportunity to record a song together on an album with this true master of alto sax. Well on A New Day, we finally MADE IT ... a dream come true! Not only did David play this song with all his heart, we also wrote it together. Produced by the incredible Rick Braun, "Side By Side" will be the first radio single from the album. When I think of when I was a kid, listening to Sanborn on my bedroom record player ... and now, doing a duet together, I can hardly believe it, my head is spinning! I couldn't be more proud or excited. This song is about friendship and supporting your friends, even when you can't physically lean on them, as many of us have experienced in this pandemic. David recorded his parts in New York, I in Los Angeles ... and yet, as you will hear, we really lean on each other ... that's what friends do!


Label: Mario Gonzalez Ibarra Music
September 10, 2020

Mario is a musician, Multi-instrumental performer from Monterrey,Mexico currently living in Iowa,USA. He attended the School of Music at the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León (UANL) in Monterrey,Mexico earning a Music degree in Percussion performance, He has been involved in different projects, percussion ensembles and also as a Music Instructor. His music is mainly influenced by Latin Jazz, and Funk.

In 2018 he released his first Single, a jazz ballad titled “The way you love me” in October2019 he released the Smooth Jazz EP titled “Milestone”

"Open Road" is the name his new Smooth Jazz EP recently released in September 2020. "Open Road" represents the beginning of a new journey and all the possibilities ahead.

For this new EP Mario has been able to collaborate with musicians around the world and add their talent and musicianship to this new project.

Thursday, September 17, 2020


Label: A-Pex Recordings International 
June 9, 2020

Contemporary keyboardist Al DeGregoris is back with his latest project - this time with legendary producer / composer / keyboardist Jeff Lorber at the helm! Tight, copper-toned and retro-cooler than any of his previous four releases, DeGregoris' new album Time Sensitive - his first since Time and a Half 2016 - showcases the dynamic chemistry he created with fellow keyboardist - and fusion legend more than ever before. The two began collaborating musically years ago and Lorber began producing songs for DeGregoris on All in Good Time (2014), but this is the first time that every song in a DeGregoris collection has been co-written and produced by Lorber. The result is pure melodic magic, non-stop energetic funk exuberance, driven by the wild, adventurous intertwining of their keyboards.

True to its whimsical title, “Cookie Jar” is relentlessly playful, a spicy, groovy pounding jam that rolls with super melodic retro riffs, a tight, springy bass bottom and a simmering horn section created by David Mann. Lorber has clearly transferred his passion for old school keyboard sounds to DeGregoris who brilliantly jams on it before exploring the deeper, more jazzy soul of the track with a dancing and dazzling, highly improvisational acoustic piano section. A truly uplifting melody released for a time when our collective minds need it most, “Cookie Jar” is a non-stop retro funk fest performed by two masterful keyboard talents.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Label: Saxtime! Entertainment
July 27, 2020

Most artists who put a “Doc” in their name do it out of cleverness, for marketing reasons, or as a crafty way to express their mastery of their instrument or vibe. Since the release of his 2003 debut Saxappeal, Phillip “Doc” Martin has all that down pat, wowing audiences everywhere from Blues Alley in D.C. to the St. Lucia Jazz Festival and the Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival. His latest release and 7th CD self-titled was produced by Super Producers Marvin Tony Hemmings and Jacob Webb and Mastered By Darren Rahn. 

While many independent artists with cool, successful “day jobs” prefer to avoid references to them when they talk about their music, Martin is the complete opposite, fully embracing the inspirational factor of being a top notch practitioner in two very different professions. Beyond his ever-expanding musical fan base, hundreds of patients in the Washington DC area know him as “Dr. Martin,” a board-certified dentist in group practice there. He called his 2013 album "Good Day At Work" to reflect his artful balance between the rigors of life as a dentist and the sometimes exhilarating, often challenging grind of being an independent artist and performer. One of the insert photos in the packaging of Pocket Love finds him enjoying the best of both worlds, embracing his treasured alto while wearing his green scrubs and cap.

As Martin continued to hone his skills, he became influenced by influential sax players from across the traditional and smooth spectrum, including Charlie Parker, Everette Harp, Grover Washington Jr., Dave Koz and Gerald Albright. In addition to his acclaimed discography, his appeal as a live performer has secured him shows at prominent venues like Ram’s Head Tavern in Annapolis, Maryland, Philadelphia’s Dell East and SoCal’s Spaghettini, in addition to appearances at the Bahamas Jazz Festival, Carolina Music Festival, Trenton Jazz Festival and Berks Jazz Fest.

Because of the financial ups and downs of being an independent artist, Martin made an important life decision to become a dentist, moving to the Metro DC area to attend Howard University College of Dentistry, where he received his degree and certification. His love of music and his commitment to dentistry were both so strong that he rebranded himself as Phillip “Doc” Martin and relabeled his early releases under that name so new fans could find them.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


Label: Sealong Music Group
September 14, 2020

"She" is the new single from singer-songwriter Wade C. Long. It's the 3rd single from the LP "Nostalgia".

"She" is a love ballad with a timeless sound, where the artist proudly declares his love for his woman.

Sunday, September 13, 2020



George Benson - Cruise Control (Live)
Ben Lóncle Soul – Strangers In The Night
Tony Lindsay – Find The Day
Tompi – Feel This Way
Rick Braun And Richard Elliot - Sao Paulo
Marc Antoine – Bella Via
Basia – Astrud (Live) - Blame I Ton The Summer
Citrus Sun – Mais Uma Vez
Brian Bromberg – The Girl From Ipanema
Dave Koz Feat Brian Mcknight – Summertime In NYC
Tony Lindsay – Sweet Love

Friday, September 11, 2020


“I heard the Beatles' "Yesterday" on the radio. Through the lens of the pandemic, I felt this amazing melody and prophetic lyrics in a completely different way. Oh, how I longed for Yesterday! Haven’t we ALL?! It's always been one of my favorite songs and I'd never gotten the chance to record it. Considering how much all our lives had changed since COVID-19's arrival, it seemed like the right idea to include this amazing song in the narrative of the album, for it truly was just yesterday that our lives were completely different. And while we can’t necessarily go back to that same kind of innocence, the prospect of a bright tomorrow is something we all can focus on.

I immediately enlisted the help of genius vocalist / instrumentalist / producer Matt Cusson, who developed the hauntingly beautiful and intimate track…it's Matt who does all those stunning Take Six-style vocals you’ll hear. And then we invited the incomparable Meshell Ndgeocello to play bass…and man, did she turn in an EPIC performance. The bass part alone is a work of art! Click on the yellow image above to hear our version of "Yesterday." I do hope it brings peaceful memories of life before the pandemic, and helps you chart your course for the future as well...for knowing where we’ve come from will help guide us to where we are going.” – Dave Koz

Thursday, September 10, 2020


Label: Black Rainbow Records. January 31, 2020

Last January Christian Gratz's first album called "1979" was released and, although Covid-19 has caused it not to have the visibility it should have, we cannot ignore it because it is an absolutely cool work. Dressing from the cover of the album in the purest vintage style, this album is for all those who remember with nostalgia those years from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. A return to the past, a trip back to those amazing years in which the followers of Steely Dan, Greg Guidry, Andrew Gold, Joey Scarbury enjoyed each of their songs.

"1979" offers us tracks like "Midnight Radio", "Dark Lady", "Midnight", "Hold On"...sounds that go from the west coast to funky and disco sounds like the instrumental Disco Connection, Fallen Angel Theme and Dracula make "1979" an amazing album to enjoy and one of albums of the year. 
Javi Martin

Christian Gratz info: www.facebook.com/christiangratzofficial

Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Label: Independent 
September 7, 2020

"Keep Pressing On" is the new radio single from Vann Burchfield. Keep Pressing On marks the first new music from the powerhouse smooth jazz saxophonist since 2017's "Lay Back".

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Label: Delilah Records 
September 2, 2020

The critically acclaimed Italian Saxophonist Rocco Ventrella draws on Jazz and Funk to release this new sun kissed track: a breath of wind that brings new freshness to the international Smooth and Contemporary Jazz scene.

A captivating theme, played together with the guitarist Roberto Tola, leaves room for different moments of improvisation, where the artists pour out all their liveliness and experience of the genre, with a crackling contrapuntal ending, until the tune fades slowly with a jazzy melody, almost be bop..

Monday, September 7, 2020


Label:  Trippin' 'N' Rhythm

August 21, 2020

Randy is a professional musician, producer, and songwriter. He has recorded with Michael Powell (composer and producer for Anita Baker, Patti Labelle, Randy Crawford and others), J. Moss & Paul Allen (composers and producers for Boys II Men, Brittney Spears, N'Sync and others), Hiroshima, Nancy Wilson, Grover Washington, Jr., Fred Hammond, The Clark Sisters, Rance Allen, Dietrich Haddon, Men Of Standard, Kirk Franklin, Norman Brown, Kirk Whalum, Bob James, Marion Meadows and many other artists on almost every major record label.

 In 2008, Randy produced four songs on the Vickie Winans CD, Woman To Woman. He also on his recent single, How I Got Over, which debuted at # 1 on Billboard. In 2009, Randy produced seven songs for the jazz guitarist, Tim Bowman's CD, which was the number one album in the country on the Smooth Jazz charts. His fourth CD, titled Breathe, was in the top 40 nationally for five months.

 Additionally, he has received two gold, two platinum, and one multi-platinum record for his work on a Gospel Wow compilation CD and recordings with Grammy winners Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond.

 Last month his fifth CD "Elevation" was released. It is a journey in which he perfectly defines smooth jazz through ten songs which it features Cindy Bradley and Anesha Birchett.

Sunday, September 6, 2020



Anessa - Just_To_Be_With_You_

Debora Galan – Make You Mine (Hacerte Mío)

Jacqine - I Really Did Love You (Realmente Te Amo)

Mónica Santana - Believe In Us

Maysa – It´s Gonna Be Alright  (Feat: Chris Davis – Phil Perry – Kim Waters)

Marion Meadows - Dreamin (Feat. Maysa & Peter White)

Christian De Mesones Feat: Debora Galan – Hispanica

Aysha - Feat: Darren Rahn – Take Me Higher

Catie Waters – Crazy

Diana Krall Duet With Michael Bublé - Alone Again (Naturally)

Carmen Cuesta Loeb – (Feat; Bob James) – Shape Of My Heart

Diana Krall And Natalie Cole - Route 66

Diana Krall – Just The Way You Are – So Nice

Friday, September 4, 2020


This is the second week of the "Colors Of A New Day" campaign by Dave Koz ahead of the release of his new album of original tracks after 20 years. 

Dave tells us about today's color, Orange.

“Welcome to week 2 of our Colors Of A New Day campaign! It’s all about the color ORANGE today. It’s called “The Closer We Get,” and I’m proud to say I wrote this song with the fantastic saxophonist/producer Darren Rahn, who has really become a big star in his own right. Darren and I wrote this tune to be the kind of song you put on and hopefully, it just takes you away…without a care in the world. It’s a romantic song for sure, but the inspiration is also firmly rooted in the quarantine, in that we’ve all had to find new ways to be close to the ones we love in this very surreal time. The pandemic has shown us you don’t really need to be with someone to feel close to them.”

Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Label:  Independent

August 31, 2020

Magic Hour is the new single from keyboardist Sean U. Produced by Blake Aaron includes Sean U piano; Blake Aaron guitar; Darryl Williams bass and Tony Moore drums.