Thursday, October 27, 2022

FOLLOW ME 87.6 EP. 298


CFM Band – My Baby
Paul Brown – Wolfpack
Kirk Whalum – All l Do (Ft. Wendy Moten)
A. Ray Fuller – A Coastal Breeze
Dee Brown – Tie The Knot ( Ft. Lin Rountree)
Rebecca Jade - Insane
Jason Jackson – Wolkin’ lt Out (Ft. Gino Rosaria)
Jeff Ryan – we Can Work lt Out

Saturday, October 22, 2022


For years, she’s been performing with the likes of Sheila E., Sir Elton John and at jazz festivals throughout the world, but never before has neo soul vocalist Rebecca Jade recorded a collection of her own songs until now. The ten-track “A Shade of Jade” dropped Friday, which Jade coproduced with keyboardist and frequent songwriting partner Carnell Harrell (Boney James, Andra Day). The LadyJade Music release arrived as Jade’s “Show Me,” a vintage R&B cut driven by a hard-hitting hip hop beat, layers of sophisticated vocal tracks and modern jazz nuances, hits Billboard's Top 30 chart.

Always a singer, Jade didn’t consider herself a songwriter although she had written lyrics and poetry in an ever-present notebook that she carried for years. But she didn’t have the confidence to share or fully explore that side of her artistry. Teaming with Harrell changed that. Finally opening up the pages containing intimate thoughts, feelings, reflections and experiences, Jade turned those journaled writings into resonant lyrics, often composing vibrant melodies for songs that deftly incorporate R&B, jazz, hip hop and pop. Anchoring the aural alchemy illumined by lush harmonies and soul-powered grooves is Jade’s richly expressive voice, commandingly delivering substantive stories of hope, inspiration and romantic ardor. Her lyrics empower strength, courage and fortitude; get vulnerable and fantasize about unabashed love; and relish life with a full and grateful heart.

Friday, October 21, 2022



Gary Little – Tonights the Nite
Herb Alpert – Tickle Time
Slow - 
Charles A Kelly – l Know You
Gordon James – Smooth Sunshine
Shawn Raiford – Man with A Horn (Ft. Lecsi Tomorrow)
Justin Klunk – Thunder (Ft. David Benoit)
Demetrius Nabors – Shine
Mo Louis – Georgy Porgy
Bach & A. Killian. l Do