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Oct. 1,2020

Multi-talented musician Derwin Daniels grew up in Beaumont, Texas in a rhythmic environment. His dad, Lawrence Daniels, a former Navy and jazz musician, was a heavy influence on his early music years. Derwin started playing himself after receiving a glued-together B-flat clarinet at the age of 6. He later joined the middle school band, where he learned to read music. Part of a musical family, Derwin, his dad and brothers were known for playing Christmas Cantatas and other church events in their city. In high school, Derwin continued playing clarinet, before switching to drums. He was able to parlay his drumming skills into performing with local bands.

While on drums, as a teen, he toured with R&B legend and world-renowned vocalist and guitarist Barbara Lynn, known for the hit, “You'll Lose a Good Thing.” Lynn also is from Beaumont. He also performed and recorded with Zebra Records jazz artist and guitarist, Zachary Breaux.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Superfly Funk & Soul Records
Nov. 27, 2020

Drawn together in 2015 by a bond that stretched from Belfast to Belgium, musicians Jeroen Bauwens (guitar), Eleanor McClean (Hammond) and Chipper Robinson (drums) let the 60s jazz milieu and legendary artists like Booker T. & the M.G.’s, Brian Auger and The Sonics influence their unique blend of funk and soul.

Having mesmerized audiences with their infectious energy on stage, The Organauts aim to capture this on record with the release of their debut single, a cover of "I Feel Love", the 1977 hit by the 'Queen of Disco', Donna Summer. With bombastic power chords and invigorating electric guitar riffs, The Organauts have stamped their signature style on this well-known classic.

Monday, January 11, 2021


Mack Avenue
November 6, 2020

As a tight, longstanding jazz ensemble, Yellowjackets has explored a universe all its own of electro-acoustic soundscapes in its nearly four-decade history. Since the band’s eponymous 1981 debut album, Yellowjackets has consistently forged ahead with innovative and challenging artistic statements. ForJackets XL, its 25th album and fourth for Mack Avenue Music Group, the band continues to stretch and reinvent itself with an exciting, full-bodied collaboration with the superb WDR Big Band of Cologne, Germany. The project combines the shapeshifting, multiple GRAMMY® Award-winning quartet with the renowned big band, re-imagining well-known band originals with dynamic new arrangements that feature twists and turns, textures and colors, moving harmonies and bold solos and is available everywhere today.

“This band has never been one to rest on its laurels,” says tenor saxophonist/EWI player Bob Mintzer, a Yellowjacket since 1990 and the WDR Big Band principal conductor since 2016. “The Yellowjackets are very adept at reinventing. The four of us are the most adaptable musicians I’ve ever worked with. Any setting, any style, we know we can do it. As for the WDR, they’re one of the best large jazz ensembles in the world. I knew the two groups would make for a nice marriage.” The band also comprises founder, keyboardist Russell Ferrante, drummer Will Kennedy and electric bassist Dane Alderson in his third recording for the group.

Ferrante welcomed the project given that he had been involved in playing Mintzer’s arrangements in different settings over the years. “But this was going to be different,” he says. “Since we were already in the orbit of big bands, Bob suggested that we pick tunes that were fan favorites through the years and make them fresh to keep the listeners interested. Bob rearranged ‘Mile High’ [Four Corners, 1987], which we had stopped playing in recent years. Bob changed it up and took it to different places. Another is ‘Revelation’ [Shades, 1986], which we always played as an encore. Bob went to the basics, bringing back the gospel roots, and arranged it for how we sound today.” 

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Bob Sabellico - Soul Samba (Feat. Pat Bergeson)
NEW - James Robinson – Azul Sky
NEW - Marcus finnie - Bacon Fat – (Feat. Greg Bryant, Phillip Hughley, David Rodgers,                 Miguel Alvarado)
NEW - Blake Aaron Sunday Strut (Feat. Najee)
Stabe Wilson- Dear Jesus, I Love You
NEW - Scott Marvill – Every Kinda People
Andrew Small – What Happens Now?
Mark Etheredge – You & Me & Me

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 All the music we have posted during the year on Now available in this playllist that we have created on Spotify. Follow it

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Zoe Scott
October 2, 2020

Shades of Love is a meticulously curated collection of 12 hit songs, reimagined, by international recording artist Zoe Scott, and produced by Bossa Nova stalwart and 10-time GRAMMY and two-time Emmy-winning, Moogie Canazio.

A fully realized artist from early childhood, Zoe moved away from her family in London, for Rome, at 18. Leaving behind a loving mother and an alcoholic father for the life of an actress, songwriter, and singer. After years starring on stage and in films, the love of music drew her to Los Angeles where her name became synonymous with Rock ‘n’ Roll.

After years spent honing a hard-edged rock voice, Zoe knew mastering Bossa Nova’s understated sensuality was a journey she couldn’t make on her own. She reached out to the master himself, Moogie Canazio, the Brazilian-born producer who ultimately helped Zoe feel her way into the silky, hushed vocal qualities she sought.

Like Bossa Nova itself — born from a marriage of Jazz and Samba, and sometimes called “Brazilian Jazz” — Shades of Love also represents a cross-cultural creative marriage that connects artist and producer, LA and Rio, past and present, emotion and craft. To create the album, Zoe and Moogie spent countless hours collaborating in LA and Brazil, pouring over the best songs, refining her vocals, and immersing in the history and heartbeat of Bossa Nova. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2021


With the forthcoming release of the new album "Esagerato" by Camera Soul, surely it is a
good time to remember the history of this great band and their so far
 last album "Existence".

Camera Soul is an original jazz/soul/funk project created by Lombardo Bros Productions. The band had released 5 albums that received an amazing international response.

After the debut with the first album "Words Don´t speak", the second album "Not for ordinary people" is a small miracle and realizes 3 months of stay in the prestigious UK Soul Chart where it reaches an incredible second position with the legendary EWF at the first.

In the same year the album obtains 11 submissions to the Grammy Awards in several
categories and wins 3 Akademia Music Awards from Beverly Hills with the songs "My Heart" and "Locked inside".

The final consecration takes place with the third album "Dress Code" recorded in 2015, licensed by Azzurra Music label and distributed in USA by the partner Timkatent Ent. and in Japan by P-Vine Record with Tower record distribution.
It stands out in all the international iTunes charts. Number 1 in UK, France and Spain and high placements in the Top 50 of all European countries.

"Dress Code"holds the first place in the UK Soul Chart for three weeks in a row, something never done by an Italian band, and it stays for 4 months in the Top 30. In Japan it reaches the 5th place of the iTunes R&B Chart.

The album "Connections" # 4 rotates on the BBC and in all British radio stations, # 5 in the UK Soul Chart, # 16 in the Japanese R&B iTunes Chart and in the top 30 of all European charts in the Smooth Jazz section.

The song "Now" is included in the most prestigious English compilation of Soul music "Luxury Soul"

Now countless invitations to the most accredited Jazz Festivals nationwide, such as the Viterbo JazzUp Festival, the Pozzuoli Jazz Festival, the My Way Jazz Festival, the Roccella Jazz Festival, the Multicultural Jazz Festival, the Jonio Jazz Festival, “Jazz and not just Jazz ”Of Fermo the review of Piazza Duomo in Messina, Maratea Jazz, Experimenta Jazz Festival, Fasano Music, Alberobello Jazz Day, Sant'Elmo Jazz and the Live Tones of Naples, Catania Jazz Festival, Catanzaro Jazz, Salerno IJF, Teano Jazz and many others include the participation in Umbria Jazz Winter 2015/2016 in Orvieto. 

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Lindsey Webster's Single for Christmas time. Enjoy!!