Thursday, 3 December 2020


Twin Records
Nov. 16, 2020

Marcus has released his single “Together We Stand” on November 16, 2020, which displays an uptempo jazz funk style. This song will keep you locked in for more of Marcus’s music. Therefore, you may want to stay tuned for the release of Marcus’s new CD, Brand New Day, early 2021!!!

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Wednesday, 2 December 2020


Nov. 15, 2020 
Gramercy Nightingale Music

"Holiday Bells Medley" is a blend of Silver Bells, Carol of the Bells and Shostakovich's Waltz #2, Opus 99. Jazz Pianist Jon Weber arranged the medley and vocals. Steve Kenyon and C.J. Camerieri provided the Trumpet, French Horn and Woodwind arrangements. Producer Scott Lehrer found ways for us to collaborate in the studio, at home and on Zoom.

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Tuesday, 1 December 2020



- Roberto Vazquez feat: Rene Toledo- The Christmas song
- Debora Galan – Feat Greg Manning –Adam Hawley – Hussain Jiffri and Eric Valentine - The Christmas song
- Kim Scott – Five Favorite Things
- Jay Rowe – Jingle Bells
Maria Jacobs – Emmanuel
- R.L. Walker – Feat. Demetriace “Chee Chee” Jordan- Grateful
Ragan Whitside – Flyng on 75
- Patrick Mclean – Release Their Soul
Christian de Mesones – Sweetnight
Debora Galan – feat. Greg Manning – Make you Mine
Carmen Bruner – Hold On to You
Lindsey Webster – Close To You

Saturday, 28 November 2020


SagiDarius Music
Nov. 6, 2020

Produced by long-time keyboardist & musical director, Richard Turner, Jr., this song features Romel Veal on guitar/trumpet/trombone, Frank “Third” Richardson on drums, Richard Turner, Jr. on keys, Lorenzo Johnson on keys, Jay Puente on percussion, Rodney Jones, Jr. on bass/guitar and Rebecca Jade on vocals!

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Thursday, 26 November 2020


Viktor Jakob-Jonsson 
Nov. 26, 2020 

On November 26, Viktor Jacob-Jonsson releases his new follow-up single to "A Little Denial." It is a duet of one of the best singers of the last 40 years, Bill Champlin, also one of Viktor's favorite singers who at age 11 hung Bill's homemade posters all over his room.

The song not only features Bill, it also features Brandon Fields, Brent Mason, Ed Roth, Scott Wilkie, John Lee Sanders, and many other great musicians. The song is called "Monotony" and it is available on Spotify.

Wednesday, 25 November 2020


Thylacine Sounds
Nov. 2, 2020

Essex-based DJ, producer and musician Danced Til Midnight changes pace slightly with mellow new single, People Get Up. The release features the vocals of Carmelle Cox, who previously voiced Danced Til Midnight's More Of Love EP.

The lead track is the laid back soul-funk of People Get Up. Lyrically the song takes up the challenge of funk rhetoric and flips it into a message of everyday self empowerment. Once again, Stingray Davies of Speedometer graces this release with additional Hammond organ.

The second track, Soon Enough, is a brooding and sprawling acoustic number - exploring a psychedlic landscape of romantic uncertainty and longing.

Both tracks feature the double bass of contrabass stalwart Danny Thompson. Thompson has lent his signature bass sound to a vast array of artists and styles too numerous to list; from jazz to folk to pop on many iconic recordings.

Tuesday, 24 November 2020


Drew Davidsen 
October 20, 2020

Drew Davisen is a singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist and virtuoso guitarist. Drew is an award winning billboard charting international recording artist.Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist. His new EP The Human Race is his 9th studio project. As a recording artist Drew has been writing an producing music for over 30 years.

It all started when he was very little with two cassette recorders in his bedroom in Baltimore. Then there was a Tascam 4 track tape recorder. From then he started playing in bands around the DMV area. After a riveting performance sharing the stage with George Duke at the prestigious Catalina Island JzzTrax Jazz Festival a new era in contemporary guitar playing was born. Drew hit the ground running and hasn't stopped. Now days with computers and new technologies it's becoming more and more limitless as what an artist can create.

Drew says; "This EP is also an exploration in a new sound I'm creating. Exploring new guitar tones and exploring my voice and lyric writing. This has been an awesome experience."

Monday, 23 November 2020


Mascot Label Group/Provogue
November 13, 2020 

On November 13th, GRAMMY-winning jazz icon George Benson released ‘Weekend In London,’ an electrifying new live album capturing his 2019 performance at London’s intimate 250-seat Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. Only a handful of lucky fans were present as the lights went down that magical night in 2019. But now, Kevin Shirley’s dynamic production is your invitation to slide onto Ronnie Scott’s red velvet banquette and catch the sparks as Benson’s honeyed vocal and fluid licks drive the finest live outfit in modern jazz.

“We captured a lot of the atmosphere on ‘Weekend In London,’” says Shirley. “It was very crowded, like it always is at Ronnie Scott’s, no matter who’s there. We were almost touching as we were playing, people all up on the bandstand. But I’m always happy to be in those surroundings. A lot of big Benson fans were there – and some of the screaming ladies. It was a fantastic night.”

“Cruise Control is one of my favorite instrumentals because it was completely off the cuff,” said Benson. “I kept getting ideas as we got into the song and one of the ideas was to inject vocal inserts at different places during the improvisational part of the performance.”

The 2019 show that became ‘Weekend In London’ was another fabled night to go down in the club’s folklore. This hard-bitten jazzman might prefer spontaneity to setlists, but this latest live album nods to many of his countless career peaks, whether he’s opening with the deathless groove of 1980’s US #4 smash “Give Me The Night,” revisiting fan favorites like “Love X Love” and “In Your Eyes,” or breathing fresh mojo into classic covers like Dave Bartholomew’s “I Hear You Knocking” and Donny Hathaway’s “The Ghetto.” “We don’t plan the show out in advance,” explains Benson. “But we know there’s things we gotta play, and if you leave too many out, you’re in for a troubled night. We know what people have come to hear. So I’ve got half the battle won.”

For jazz fans, of course, part of the appeal lies in the improvisation – and ‘Weekend In London’ furthers Benson’s reputation as the best in the business. “Basically, the whole show is improvised except the melody itself and the ensemble playing,” he explains. “We play the arrangements, to remind the audience what song they’re listening to, but then we can go crazy and do all the improvisation.”

As an all-time icon and Grammy-winning giant of jazz, we have grown used to seeing George Benson on the stages that befit his sky-high status. During a six-decade career marked by awards, acclaim and Billboard-topping output, the Pittsburgh, Hill District-born veteran has earned his place in both the history books and the biggest venues around the world. So it’s a rare treat – and a whole different thrill – to find this megastar going nose-to-nose with the breathless 250-capacity crowd at London’s most prestigious bolthole. “I like that kind of intimacy,” says Benson. “I can feel the love when it’s up close and personal.”

If Benson sounds utterly at home on Ronnie Scott’s cramped stage, that’s because it’s how he started out, all those years ago, before fame came calling. From the age of seven, the kid with the golden voice known as Little Georgie Benson was a regular fixture at the street corners, drug stores, jazz joints and R&B houses of his native Pittsburgh. Yet the young man swiftly rose up the rankings, taking requests from punters to cutting his first sides with RCA, still aged just ten. As Benson’s ageless career has crossed over the decades, he’s walked a perfect tightrope, still commanding a fierce respect amongst the most discerning jazz audiences, while firing off hit singles that are loved the world over. His most recent release, ‘Walking To New Orleans’ – his first on Mascot Label Group – masterfully reinterprets the hits of Chuck Berry and Fats Domino.

It’s been a long and winding road from the juke-joints of Pittsburgh to the beating heart of the London jazz scene, and George Benson has been great company every step of the way. Now, on ‘Weekend In London,’ the same club that hosted that young hotshot back in the early-’70s welcomes back the older, wiser legend to burn down the house. Perhaps the compère says it best: “You don’t get stars this big in rooms this small very often, ladies and gentlemen. Please be prepared to be dazzled – Mr. George Benson…!”

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