Saturday, November 28, 2020


SagiDarius Music
Nov. 6, 2020

Produced by long-time keyboardist & musical director, Richard Turner, Jr., this song features Romel Veal on guitar/trumpet/trombone, Frank “Third” Richardson on drums, Richard Turner, Jr. on keys, Lorenzo Johnson on keys, Jay Puente on percussion, Rodney Jones, Jr. on bass/guitar and Rebecca Jade on vocals!

Available on all Digital Media Outlets

Thursday, November 26, 2020


Viktor Jakob-Jonsson 
Nov. 26, 2020 

On November 26, Viktor Jacob-Jonsson releases his new follow-up single to "A Little Denial." It is a duet of one of the best singers of the last 40 years, Bill Champlin, also one of Viktor's favorite singers who at age 11 hung Bill's homemade posters all over his room.

The song not only features Bill, it also features Brandon Fields, Brent Mason, Ed Roth, Scott Wilkie, John Lee Sanders, and many other great musicians. The song is called "Monotony" and it is available on Spotify.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Thylacine Sounds
Nov. 2, 2020

Essex-based DJ, producer and musician Danced Til Midnight changes pace slightly with mellow new single, People Get Up. The release features the vocals of Carmelle Cox, who previously voiced Danced Til Midnight's More Of Love EP.

The lead track is the laid back soul-funk of People Get Up. Lyrically the song takes up the challenge of funk rhetoric and flips it into a message of everyday self empowerment. Once again, Stingray Davies of Speedometer graces this release with additional Hammond organ.

The second track, Soon Enough, is a brooding and sprawling acoustic number - exploring a psychedlic landscape of romantic uncertainty and longing.

Both tracks feature the double bass of contrabass stalwart Danny Thompson. Thompson has lent his signature bass sound to a vast array of artists and styles too numerous to list; from jazz to folk to pop on many iconic recordings.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Drew Davidsen 
October 20, 2020

Drew Davisen is a singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist and virtuoso guitarist. Drew is an award winning billboard charting international recording artist.Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist. His new EP The Human Race is his 9th studio project. As a recording artist Drew has been writing an producing music for over 30 years.

It all started when he was very little with two cassette recorders in his bedroom in Baltimore. Then there was a Tascam 4 track tape recorder. From then he started playing in bands around the DMV area. After a riveting performance sharing the stage with George Duke at the prestigious Catalina Island JzzTrax Jazz Festival a new era in contemporary guitar playing was born. Drew hit the ground running and hasn't stopped. Now days with computers and new technologies it's becoming more and more limitless as what an artist can create.

Drew says; "This EP is also an exploration in a new sound I'm creating. Exploring new guitar tones and exploring my voice and lyric writing. This has been an awesome experience."

Monday, November 23, 2020


Mascot Label Group/Provogue
November 13, 2020 

On November 13th, GRAMMY-winning jazz icon George Benson released ‘Weekend In London,’ an electrifying new live album capturing his 2019 performance at London’s intimate 250-seat Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. Only a handful of lucky fans were present as the lights went down that magical night in 2019. But now, Kevin Shirley’s dynamic production is your invitation to slide onto Ronnie Scott’s red velvet banquette and catch the sparks as Benson’s honeyed vocal and fluid licks drive the finest live outfit in modern jazz.

“We captured a lot of the atmosphere on ‘Weekend In London,’” says Shirley. “It was very crowded, like it always is at Ronnie Scott’s, no matter who’s there. We were almost touching as we were playing, people all up on the bandstand. But I’m always happy to be in those surroundings. A lot of big Benson fans were there – and some of the screaming ladies. It was a fantastic night.”

“Cruise Control is one of my favorite instrumentals because it was completely off the cuff,” said Benson. “I kept getting ideas as we got into the song and one of the ideas was to inject vocal inserts at different places during the improvisational part of the performance.”

The 2019 show that became ‘Weekend In London’ was another fabled night to go down in the club’s folklore. This hard-bitten jazzman might prefer spontaneity to setlists, but this latest live album nods to many of his countless career peaks, whether he’s opening with the deathless groove of 1980’s US #4 smash “Give Me The Night,” revisiting fan favorites like “Love X Love” and “In Your Eyes,” or breathing fresh mojo into classic covers like Dave Bartholomew’s “I Hear You Knocking” and Donny Hathaway’s “The Ghetto.” “We don’t plan the show out in advance,” explains Benson. “But we know there’s things we gotta play, and if you leave too many out, you’re in for a troubled night. We know what people have come to hear. So I’ve got half the battle won.”

For jazz fans, of course, part of the appeal lies in the improvisation – and ‘Weekend In London’ furthers Benson’s reputation as the best in the business. “Basically, the whole show is improvised except the melody itself and the ensemble playing,” he explains. “We play the arrangements, to remind the audience what song they’re listening to, but then we can go crazy and do all the improvisation.”

As an all-time icon and Grammy-winning giant of jazz, we have grown used to seeing George Benson on the stages that befit his sky-high status. During a six-decade career marked by awards, acclaim and Billboard-topping output, the Pittsburgh, Hill District-born veteran has earned his place in both the history books and the biggest venues around the world. So it’s a rare treat – and a whole different thrill – to find this megastar going nose-to-nose with the breathless 250-capacity crowd at London’s most prestigious bolthole. “I like that kind of intimacy,” says Benson. “I can feel the love when it’s up close and personal.”

If Benson sounds utterly at home on Ronnie Scott’s cramped stage, that’s because it’s how he started out, all those years ago, before fame came calling. From the age of seven, the kid with the golden voice known as Little Georgie Benson was a regular fixture at the street corners, drug stores, jazz joints and R&B houses of his native Pittsburgh. Yet the young man swiftly rose up the rankings, taking requests from punters to cutting his first sides with RCA, still aged just ten. As Benson’s ageless career has crossed over the decades, he’s walked a perfect tightrope, still commanding a fierce respect amongst the most discerning jazz audiences, while firing off hit singles that are loved the world over. His most recent release, ‘Walking To New Orleans’ – his first on Mascot Label Group – masterfully reinterprets the hits of Chuck Berry and Fats Domino.

It’s been a long and winding road from the juke-joints of Pittsburgh to the beating heart of the London jazz scene, and George Benson has been great company every step of the way. Now, on ‘Weekend In London,’ the same club that hosted that young hotshot back in the early-’70s welcomes back the older, wiser legend to burn down the house. Perhaps the compère says it best: “You don’t get stars this big in rooms this small very often, ladies and gentlemen. Please be prepared to be dazzled – Mr. George Benson…!”

George Benson Online

Saturday, November 21, 2020


Shanachie Entertainment
November 13, 2020

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa and based in Durham, NC, musical wonder-kid Justin Lee Schultz is the good news you did not even know you needed. He is joy personified. The multi-instrumental wizard who has dazzled audiences on TV shows Harry, Little Big Shots and American’s Most Musical Family, is a prodigy in the fashion of his idols Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock. His talent is exceptional not merely because he is young but also due to his melodic, harmonic and technical maturation. While his peers are learning the latest Tik Tok dances and amassing kills on Fortnite, Justin prefers studio time and woodshedding for hours. While social distancing has most people jamming at home with their families, Justin has literally been jamming with his musician father and bassist Julius and 16-year-old sister and drummer Jamie-Leigh. “Music brings me joy because I can express myself when I play. I can also get creative when I’m improvising,” shares the amiable, cherub faced and charismatic 13-year old who has aspirations to one day share the stage with Wonder and Herbie Hancock, as well as Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Jacob Collier, Cory Henry and Robert Glasper. Justin, who plays piano, guitar, bass guitar and talkbox, devotes five to seven hours each day to his musical craft.

Shanachie VP of Jazz A&R Danny Weiss, who was instrumental in producing another young prodigy, the pioneering jazz-fusion guitarist Larry Coryell states, “The words prodigy and genius do not do him justice. The warmth, the maturity, the feel, the brilliance… these are qualities that only a handful of artists can hope to attain, regardless of their age.” Justin Lee Schultz’s anticipated label debut will unite him with some of the biggest names in contemporary jazz including Bob James, Harvey Mason, Najee, Gerald Albright, Jonathan Butler and Pieces of A Dream, among others. Justin also welcomes his friend and fellow prodigy, youthful Brazilian bassist Michael Pipoquinha on a track, and his sister, drummer Jamie is featured on four tracks. While Justin and his father share the producer hat for much of the recording, they did enlist help from such heavyweights as Jeff Lorber, Paul Brown and Kim Waters, who lend their Midas touch and perfectly showcase Justin’s dazzling talents.

Within 30 seconds of experiencing Justin in his musical element, it is apparent that he was born with a gift. His father Julius shares, “When Justin was five, I called him and Jamie up on stage together to play at one of my concerts. It was then that I knew I had something special. It wasn’t my intention for my kids to play music, but when they showed interest and started playing and showing incredible potential, I knew I had something special on my hands. Every time I hear them play, I’m super proud.” Justin cites his dad as his main inspiration. “God blessed me with my musical gift, but my dad guided me and nurtured it!” he says.

With a new CD on the way, Justin Lee Schultz has high hopes. “The ultimate dream is to win or even get nominated for a Grammy!” exclaims Justin. “I also hope that I can give people feel joy and happiness when they listen to my music!”

Sanachie Entertainment

Thursday, November 19, 2020


Enjoy these Airborne's compositions that will warm hearts and give strength to minds over the airwaves as the leaves fall and the air begins to chill and we dream and give thanksgiving to everyone and everything we have been blessed with in this wonderful world we all live in.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


Innervision Records
September 22, 2020

Rick Habana is a talented Producer, Songwriter, Engineer and Composer with a passion for blending music genres together to create his original sound. In Los Angeles, Ca, were he was born and raised, he succeeded in creating his really unique sound that has landed him numerous music placements with many of the top television station not just In the US but around the world.

Rick has also started breaking new barriers on a project called “The Collective” where he works on mostly live music with international musicians and singers from all over the world. “The Collective” project consist of live Drums, Sax, Trumpets, Trombone, Guitars, Bass, Piano and vocalists. Connecting with musicians based in Finland, Italy, Netherlands, London, Canada, Venezuela, South Africa, Spain and Sweden to create this project has been a dream come true for Rick.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020


Mosiac Music Group
June 7, 2020

Carmen Bruner, A native of Bristow Oklahoma, had a natural affinity for music at a very young age. By the time Carmen was four(4), she was taught by her mother to sing gospel music in a gospel quartet with her three(3) brothers. As she grew, Carmen moved on to solos in her church choir and participated in many community and school music programs from the sixth grade through her senior year in high school. 

It was at the age of 14, when Carmen was introduced to jazz. Jazz touched the depths of her soul, and she was drawn into exploring Jazz music. Carmen continued studying music and working. In these efforts Carmen became a lead singer in a number of productions in local and regional theater productions.

With this experience Carmen also started co-writing lyrics and arrangements. Writing brought out gifts she never knew existed. She had taken the initiative to expand her knowledge in vocal music and music theory at the university level.

As Carmen performed on various public stages and venues along the way, she continued to develop her gifts as a percussionist and pianists. Carmen regularly share her gifts and talents in the church.

Now years later, Carmen was introduced to a phenomenally gifted team to help bring this first project to completion. Carmen believes, she’s blessed to finally have this opportunity to share her gifts with the world.

“I've held on to my dream knowing this would one day come to fruition”.

Monday, November 16, 2020


Mocambo Records
October 23, 2020

The Mighty Mocambos and their many incarnations have released dozens of 45s and several albums on their own imprint Mocambo Records and other labels such as Kay Dee, Big Crown, Truth & Soul, Tramp, Légère and Favorite Recordings, to name a few. They have collaborated with musical legends such as hiphop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa, soul star Lee Fields, German composer Peter Thomas or master producer Kenny Dope, put new talent like Gizelle Smith and Caroline Lacaze on the map, brought Caribbean steel drums to funk clubs with their alter ego Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, and have toured through all civilized parts of the continent and beyond for the better part of the last years.

If their debut album “This Is Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos” from 2009 presented them as the backing band of soul siren Gizelle Smith, follow-up “The Future Is Here” in 2011 put them firmly on the map as their own distinct and self-sustained entity, exploring new collaborations with guest vocalists and providing the blueprint for what would become their modus operandi. By third album “Showdown“ from 2015 The Mighty Mocambos had cemented their standing and reputation as one of the recognizable and exciting funk bands out there.

Fourth album “2066“ was released in October 2019 and sets yet another cornerstone in their prolific career as a globally active instrumental funk outfit. While maintaining their organic approach of recording real musicians live on tape, the group has refined their trademark sound with a dramatic edge, a hard hitting production and ventures into less obvious musical territories, with a diverse list of special guests ranging from German film composer icon Peter Thomas to hip hop pioneer Ice-T, up and coming MC JSwiss and the golden girl of funk Gizelle Smith.

Their unique style and trademark sound are loved by peers, fans and critics alike and distinguishes them from mere retro-copycat-acts as well as overproduced plastic soul. The Mighty Mocambos continue to deliver their brand of funk with blazing horns, soulful guitars, driving drums and basslines combined with an extra bit of quirkiness. When not producing records for one of their many incarnations and collaborations, the band is touring steadily, witnesses of their concerts will tell you about the musicality, passion, energy, humor and joy that the band loves to bring to the stage and people.

And now, following up on their "Live at Groove City" 45 from May, German funk stalwarts The Mighty Mocambos are back with another sample of their explosive live energy, with a 7" of two brand new tunes recorded straight to 8-track tape during JAM PDM! Breakdance Battle at Fabrik Potsdam on February 1st 2020.

"Arabesque Breakin' Suite" on side A is an original instrumental medley written for the occasion and delivers the raw, heavyweight sound that has made The Mighty Mocambos a staple of b-boy battles the world over. Side B is a cover of the Axel F Theme from Beverly Hills Cop, taking the tune from 80s synth-heavy electro-pop to soulful, tropical-flavored b-boy funk.

In these peculiar times without concerts, these live recordings are a real labor of love that capture the special vibes of a Mighty Mocambos performance while remaining suitable for DJ-use and enjoyable to the dedicated listener.

Sunday, November 15, 2020



Celia Berk – I´ve Been Waiting All my Life - Holiday Bells Medley
Justin Lee Schultz 
                                            Angela (Feat: Bob James)
                                            Gruv Kid
Quarantine (Feat: Michael Pipoquinha)
Gerald Albright. Crazy – Hope -
DJ White M.& Dennis Taylor - Dennis Taylor Medley
Marcus Click - Together We Stand
Groove For Thought - Straight to My Heart (feat. Jeremy Lister)
Jarrod Lawson
                                              Be the Change
                                              Why Don´t You Call Me Baby Anymore
                                               How long
Freddie Jackson – Why
Jason Smith – Blue Moon
Jazz in Pink – Positivity (Feat: Kim Scott)
Randy Muller Boom Chang bang – Welcome to my life
George Benson – Affirmation – Feel like Makin´ love – Love x Love



Saturday, November 14, 2020


Innervision Records
October 30, 2020

Will Donato is one of music’s most dynamic performers, gifted with the ability to bond and connect with his audiences. A cancer survivor who truly celebrates each day and each person he meets, Will has headlined or shared the stage as a special guest at the Blue Note in New York City, The Seabreeze Jazz Festival, The Algarve Groove International Jazz Festival in Portugal, The Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival, Humphrey's By The Bay, The Capital Jazz Cruise, and Rick Braun's New Year's Eve.

Will has performed with some of the best known musicians of the groove / smooth jazz genre, namely Al McKay of Earth Wind and Fire, Richard Elliot, Bruce Conte of Tower of Power, Steve Reid of The Rippingtons, Brian Simpson, Steve Oliver, Gregg Karukas and Nick Colionne. He has worked in the pop music genre as well - most notably with Gerald Levert, Wynonna Judd, Toni Childs, and superstar Richard Marx. His music can be heard on the number one contemporary jazz legacy hit from Steve Oliver, “High Noon” as well as on the soundtracks from several movie scores including Thelma and Louise, The Wedding Planner, Under the Boardwalk, and No Man’s Land.

Will Donato's new album "ELEVATE" features ten soul-inspiring tracks including the smash hit Infinite Soul which is dedicated to his hero father Joseph, a retired military man and Will s wife Diana. The track reached the coveted #1 spot on the Billboard smooth jazz airplay chart and has since reached over 2 MILLION streams on Spotify alone. Other tracks include the uplifting new single "The High Road" and the encouraging radio hit "You Got This".

Thursday, November 12, 2020


Innervision Records 
October 23, 2020

If you’ve followed the career of SF Bay Area-based guitarist Keith Andrew, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a free-spirited approach in his music and the titles of his projects--especially among his recent works. Naturally taking advantage of consumer tastes that, today, demand a more eclectic and diverse output, Andrew is playing to his strengths and celebrating his passion for life. This has never been more apparent than on his latest radio single Cielo, (Spanish for “Sky”), his Innervision Records label debut from his new album Soul Expedition. Enlisting the help of hit guitarist and composer/producer Chris Standring, Keith weaves his way through a sultry mix of fiery electric guitar lines (including a tasty solo from Standring), and a flourish of acoustic picking set amongst a bed of spicy Latin rhythms and textures.

Guitarist Keith Andrew's new album "Soul Expedition" was released on Oct. 23rd and contains the hit singles "Cielo" feat. Chris Standring, "It's A Party" and the new single "Soul Expedition". The album reflects Keith's free-spirited approach and celebrates his passion for travel and the outdoor lifestyle. The cover photograph was taken near his home in the California wine country.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Goose Song Music
October 23, 2020

In the 20-plus years he toured the world with Paul Simon, Andy Snitzer not only provided the band’s powerhouse horn muscle, but got a premiere nightly view of the master’s perfectionism in action. “If there were eight bars in his arrangement that didn’t thrill him,” the saxophonist says, “he would work until those eight bars were something magical. His goal was constantly, relentlessly, keeping his arrangments interesting, dynamic; making every note matter.”

A remarkable 26 years after the release of his debut album Ties That Bind, Snitzer is equally passionate and unsatisfiable as a solo artist, infusing every nuance with purpose as a player, writer, producer, arranger and curator. While he often refers to his 2011 album Traveler – an epic chronicle of his years on the road – as the best record he’ll ever make, he launches his second quarter century as an artist with an album whose title says it all about his current and future intentions. Musically, artistically, aesthetically, every which way, he wants to take us Higher.

The follow up to his equally acclaimed 2015 album American Beauty, Higher offers a richly textured, melodically, rhythmically and atmospherically eclectic and vibey ten track journey through a soundscape that has it all - tight and brassy, in the pocket funk, sensual romantic balladry, bluesy old school soul-jazz, balmy and exotic island and Bossa nova flavors and trippy, film score lush atmospheric expressions. Seeking to add a subtle but distinctive human touch to the otherwise full-on instrumental mix, Snitzer adds unique spoken word details to four tracks – including the high energy “Miracle” (featuring the innocent 2-year-old voice of his now six-year-old daughter Madeleine) and Higher’s first two singles “Non Stop” and “Higher.”

“Non Stop,” which features the sensual French whispering of Carolyn Croissier and dreamy flute-tinged atmospheres, is a soulful and infectious, classic styled drive time tune with a laid back funk groove and a vibrant, textured horn hook. “Higher”, the vibrant title track and first single features a cool, easy thumping groove, Snitzer’s trademark sax sizzle (fire-blended on the hook with Kent Smith’s trumpet), moody atmospheres, static-tinged old time radio voices and hip, old school keyboard harmonies and solos from Alain Mallet, Snitzer’s one-time Paul Simon bandmate.

Throughout his multi-faceted career – which also includes touring with Billy Joel, joining the Rolling Stones’ famed Voodoo Lounge and Bridges to Babylon tours, performances with Sting, and touring throughout 2018/19 with Chris Botti – Snitzer has learned the fine art and necessity of building a team with optimal collaborators. On Higher, his ensemble is anchored by Alain Mallet, who played a smaller role on previous albums (including Traveler, American Beauty, 2008’s Cool Struttin’ and 2013’s The Rhythm) but whose shape shifting contributions (including synths, percussion and arrangements) to each track on Higher earned him Co-Producer credit. The other key members of Snitzer’s team are guitarists Bernd Schoenhart, James Harrah and Leonardo Armeudo; bassists Tim Lefebvre and Reggie Hamilton; and drummers Gary Novak, Graham Hawthorne, and Michael White. The album was mixed by another longtime associate David Mann, who has played that role on each Snitzer album since Traveler.

While the lockdown due to the pandemic has forced countless jazz musicians to shift gears from the live studio setting to compiling and editing tracks from remote work spaces, that’s been Snitzer’s preferred wheelhouse for years. The saxman worked the approach to his great sonic advantage on Higher, building from enormous palettes of sounds to create arrangements he couldn’t have imagined when he originated each track with his sax and machine generated drums, bass and keys. He sent those bare bones elements first to his bass players, then to his drummers and on to Mallet, guitar players, and finally to the horn section. The saxophonist then used his MIDI and Pro Tools to compile, edit and shift textures to other sections (where necessary) to build the final stellar tracks.

“By recording this way as opposed to specifically managing players within in a three-hour live studio session,” Snitzer says, “each musician was given free reign to contribute their own unique creativity to the original track. “I’ve come to love this way of working because it empowers everyone to self-create and self-direct. If you pick the right partners, you can attain performances that you could never get in a typical live session. Everyone that played on Higher brought the full force of their energy and musicality to bear, which in turn pushed my artistry to my next level.”

“Besides the opportunity to record new projects and having players available who would otherwise be on the road, if there’s a silver lining to the pandemic for musicians, it’s that everyone’s adapting to creating in this digital space,” he adds. “Even when the opportunity to record at commercial studios comes back, I think this new way of doing business will remain part of the industry in a more impactful way. In line with the theme of the album, it’s an opportunity for everyone to take their artistic sensibilities Higher.”

Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Christian de Mesones
October 23, 2020

"Sweetnight (Instrumental)" is a special unreleased single from one of the accomplished bassists of Jazz music ...featuring outstanding performances of soprano sax and trumpet in a sensual soundscape, with a deep and hypnotic rhythm of R&B.

Monday, November 9, 2020


Shanachie Entertainment 
October 16, 2020

Streetwize is famous for delivering sophisticated Smooth Urban Jazz versions of today's hottest grooves from the world of R&B and HipHop, delighting their loyal jazz cross-over fans.Streewize Ocean Eyes shines brightly with the latest R&B hits. Sexy, smooth interpretations of recent smashes from Billie Eilish (Ocean Eyes), Chris Brown feat. Drake (No Guidance), H.E.R. (Best Part), Khalid (Talk), Daniel Caesar (Get You), and more - all reimagined inthe Smooth Urban Jazz style made famous by Streetwize.

Smooth Jazz superstar saxophonist/producer Kim Waters, up andcoming jazz phenom Justin Lee Schultz and the Streetwize all-starsmake all the right moves, creating a delightful non-stop listening experience.

Sunday, November 8, 2020



Debora Galan – Make You Mine
Carmen Bruner – Don´t Get Around Much Anymore - Summertime
Claudia Campagnol - Z, Song - Do You Love Me
Maysa - Lovin' You Is Easy
The Muzik Project – Alchemy
Jazz in Pink - Come For Me - Smoother
Drew Davidsen - Heart Attack – The Human Race
D. Mills - Obrigado
Dean James - It's All Good
Rick Habana - Loungin (feat. Jackiem Joyner)
Mark Etheredge - You & Me & We (Feat: Paul Brown)
Till Broner, Bob James -Lemonade – On Vacation
Zoe Scot- This Girl´s In Love With You
Kem– Lonely (feat: Brian Culbertson)
Mark Harris II - Traveler
Phylicia Rae – Just Like That – (Feat Sax: Judah Sealy Music)
Darryl F. Walker – You Send Me
Darron “Cookie” Moore – Back at it Again
Mark Maxwell – Sunday Drive – Mr Cool -In Your Love


Saturday, November 7, 2020


Dome Records Ltd
October 30, 2020

Singer-songwriter-keyboardist Jarrod Lawson emerged seemingly out of nowhere, at the age of 37, with a self-produced debut album that took the world of soul and jazz by storm.

Within a whirlwind couple of years the former stonemason and piano tuner from Portland, Oregon played sold-out shows at London’s Ronnie Scott’s Club and Jazz Cafe, headlined the London Shepherds Bush Empire, performed at the London Jazz Festival, Love Supreme and North Sea Jazz festivals and powered his way into the Dutch Top 40 album chart. He has since performed at Billboard Live in Tokyo, in Melbourne, at Indonesia’s Java Jazz festival and at leading jazz venues across the United States.

Lawson is now back, with his long-awaited second album “Be The Change”, accompanied by a talented band that benefits from the rhythmic presence of Grammy-nominated percussionist Sammy Figueroa, whose playing in a lengthy career has graced dozens of albums from artists as diverse as Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins and Quincy Jones to Hall & Oates, Chic and Carole King.

Lawson’s trademark layered harmonies and vocal phrasing, his jazz fusion arrangements and his stunning keyboard skills are in evidence throughout the album, notably on title track “Be The Change”, “Universal Chord” and “How Long”. On the beautiful, intimate “I’ll Be Your Radio” he is joined by Moonchild’s Amber Navran on vocals and flute and her fellow members of the Los Angeles alternative R&B trio who contribute clarinet and flugelhorn, and on the smouldering torch song “Love Isn’t Always Enough” Max Ribner’s trumpet and flugel provide the perfect mood-setting accompaniment.

Jarrod received a Soul Artist of the Year Award from the UK’s Jazz FM in the wake of the release of his debut set and was Album of the Year runner-up at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards.He has performed at the North Sea Jazz and Love Supreme festivals among many in Europe, Indonesia’s Java Jazz festival and a number of festivals in his native US. He has also played Billboard Live in Tokyo. A European tour, originally scheduled for July 2019, has been rearranged for May 2021.

Thursday, November 5, 2020


 Sony Music 
October 30, 2020

World-renowned German jazz musician Till Brönner and jazz legend and GRAMMY® Award winner Bob James released their very first collaboration album, On Vacation, via Sony Masterworks last October 30, 2020.

In the Fall of 2019, Brönner invited James to meet him at the legendary “La Fabrique” studio in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, a stone’s throw from Marseille in France. Absorbing the spirit of this 200-year-old-manor famous for hosting sessions by the likes of Nick Cave and Charles Azanavour, they immediately slipped into the vibrant and vital spirit of their surroundings. Together, they recorded a total of twelve tracks evocative of their newfound chemistry as collaborators and friends.

Whether it be the late-night jazz piano and swooning trumpet of “Save Your Love For Me” or the upbeat waltz of the title track “On Vacation” punctuated by Brönner’s vocals, the project represents the undeniable and unpredictable union of these two jazz titans.

Of On Vacation, James says, “Recording an album in a beautiful setting like being on vacation is a first! I’ve made many, many recordings over five decades or more, so still being able to have a new experience is wonderful for me. It was a new experience getting to know Till and a new experience with us figuring out our style of working together. Till was the first one to suggest that we record in a vacation-type atmosphere. I admit that I was a little bit hesitant about it. It feels inspiring to be in a beautiful surrounding. That part of it, I really love.”

“I had a very strong feeling about the location beforehand, because I knew I didn’t want to record it in my usual environment,” adds Brönner. “The name ‘La Fabrique’ is actual a symbol for something that needs to be done—people want to deliver. I found everything I wanted to go for in this place together with this incredible artist.

Throughout his storied career, Till Brönner has emerged as Germany’s preeminent jazz trumpeter and a prolific presence worldwide. Since his 1993 debut Generations of Jazz, he has recorded 18 albums and teamed up with everyone from Carla Bruni, Madeleine Peyroux, Luciana Souza, Kurt Elling, Melody Gardot, Sergio Mendes, and more. Most recently, he joined forces with bassist Dieter Ilg on the critically acclaimed 2018 joint album Nightfall.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020


Herb Alpert Presents
October 2, 2020

This new release from Herb Alpert Presents is the definitive retrospective on the illustrious career of one of America's most unique musical voices, Herb Alpert! Containing 63 tracks culled from 6 decades of the trumpeter's classic recordings, HERB ALPERT IS... is the perfect companion piece to the new 2020 feature length documentary of the same name. Presented in a hard bound Digi case with 3 discs and a 180-page book of vintage photos, extensive song credits, and essay written by Bud Scoppa. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2020


Motown Records
August 28, 2020

R&B superstar KEM released his uplifting new album Love Always Wins, a powerful testament to his hopeful outlook despite current times, a reminder of the power of love and a project he calls his most personal yet. Love Always Wins, which includes features from GRAMMY® Award winners Toni Braxton, Erica Campbell and acclaimed musician Brian Culbertson.

Like many artists, the global pandemic forced KEM to finish up Love Always Wins at his home studio in Atlanta, but it was always his goal to be more open and vulnerable than he had before. “Because of the quarantine, I was unable to jam with my band. The new normal has forced me—probably in a good way—to go deeper into myself. Being creatively isolated excited my need to reach out. Love Always Wins is my way of connecting; it’s a cry to my friends, my family, my fans…to anyone and everyone looking for light and love in these unprecedented times. The more we suffer separation, the more we require togetherness,” said KEM.

The result is Love Always Wins, 12 tracks of KEM’s unique brand of R&B, including “Lie to Me,” his first single from the album that was #1 on the Billboard Adult R&B songs chart for seven consecutive weeks. The single also became the fastest rising of KEM’s seven chart-topping singles.

Love Always Wins also features KEM’s second single, “Live Out Your Love,” a sultry duet that features soul songstress, Toni Braxton, along with the lush title track, “Love Always Wins,” featuring Gospel music powerhouse Erica Campbell and his inspiring track, “Friend Today,” both reminiscent of the music birthed out of social justice movements.

True fans will soon discover that Love Always Wins does not disappoint, as KEM delivers his signature deeply romantic songs and heartfelt lyrics on tracks such as “Not Before You,” “Lonely” and “Love,” the likes of which have propelled his previous hits to be the musical backdrop for marriage proposals, romantic nights and wedding ceremonies.

“I’ve never viewed romance in a casual light,” says KEM. “Even in a song as seemingly secular as ‘Lie to Me,’ I’m expressing gratitude for the gifts that come with a committed relationship. A love that flows non-stop, from lover to lover…to the ultimate lover of our souls, the Creator of all Love.”

KEM continued, “If your brand of love only thrives in times of comfort and convenience then I have to question the validity of the conversation. I’m a believer that, even in this season of despair, love is the strongest force, the only force, capable of healing all that hurts us. Without it, there is only darkness.”

The songs on Love Always Wins were co-produced by KEM and Derek “DOA” Allen, and features contributions by musical notables including Anthony Hamilton, Brian Culbertson, James Poyser and Salaam Remi.

Love Always Wins is the follow-up to KEM’s 2014 album, Promise To Love, which debuted at No. 1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. It entered the Billboard 200 at No. 3, becoming his third consecutive top five album on the tally. Promise To Love contained the hit singles “Nobody” and “It’s You,” which each spent multiple weeks atop the Urban Adult Contemporary radio charts. “Nobody” earned KEM his third GRAMMY® nomination.

The internationally renowned R&B singer/songwriter has to his credit: one Platinum album (KEM: Album II), two Gold albums (Kemistry and Intimacy), three GRAMMY® nominations and seven No. 1 singles. In addition, KEM has been nominated for six NAACP Image Awards, two Soul Train Awards and a BET Centric Award.

Monday, November 2, 2020


Giant Sheep Music, April 23, 2019
P-Vine Records (Japan), July 3, 2020

Claudia Campagnol's voice is extremely powerful, yet warm and soulful. She takes inspiration from pop and R&B, and delivers a mature performance in a distinctive jazz fusion style, showcasing an impressive flair for improvisation and vocal arrangements.

You can call it jazz, pop, R&B, or soul - or you can call it whatever you want. The album "I'm Strong" is on an international top level - with a broad crossover appeal.

Claudia Campagnol has worked with names like Stevie Wonder, John Blackwell, and Nils Landgren to name but a few. And world-class musicians Jimmy Haslip, Vinnie Colaiuta, Gerard Presencer, and Eliel Lazo are guest starring on this long awaited album.

The album is of an extremely high sound quality - mastered by Grammy Award winning producer/engineer Erik Zobler, L.A.

Nominated for Danish Music Awards Jazz 2019 in two categories: 
"Best Vocal Jazz Album" and "Best New Danish Jazz Act".

Sunday, November 1, 2020



Peggy Lee - Fever Alright,Okay, You Win
U-Nam (feat Susanna Aleksa)- The dance Must Go On
Carmen Bruner - Aftemoon after you
Jacqine – It´s Never Beem About us
Warren Wolf – Sebastian and zoë – For The Love of you
The Moore Twins – Strollin´
Norman Brown – I Miss Your Groove
Papik & Alfredo Bochichio – Feel Like Making Love