Friday, October 30, 2020


Label: CLG Distribution 
September 25, 2020

Jazz trumpeter Willie Bradley is a GRAMMY-nominated artist and has been a featured instrumentalist with some of the mot influential jazz musicians of all-time, including Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, Frank Foster, Max Roach, Betty Carter, Gerald Albright, Walter Beasley, Alex Bugnon, Ronnie Laws, Hiroshima and Marion Meadows. In addition to performing at some of the great jazz festivals around the globe, he has also performed with RJ & The Original James Brown Band touring abroad in France, Osaka and Tokyo Japan's Billboard Live and Summer Sonic Music Festival.

Thursday, October 29, 2020


Label: Independent 
October 9, 2020

"In Pursuit" is the new single from keyboardist Chan Hall from his upcoming album "Something 2 Prove" featuring Chris Sclafani ion from his upcoming album "Something 2 Prove"

Available on all Digital Media Outlets

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Label: Royce Hall 
July 28, 2020

Influenced by icons such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Earth, Wind and Fire, Royce Hall (Chinyelu Alimayu) is an Atlanta based recording artist, performance poet, author, actor/screenplay writer, multi-instrumentalist, MC, vocalist, composer, songwriter, arranger, activist and public speaker. As an actor, Royce can be seen as a lead character in stageplays and series/films such as Zora! Let the People Sing, Beyond Betrayal, Lying In Bed, See Me, Seen, Refracted Reflections, Eden's Garden and much more. Since the completion of volume one of his sophomore EP series, 'FIFTH: Dapper Liberation', songs such as 'Blue In June', 'My Air' and 'So Much' are winning the hearts of listeners near and far. Over the years, Royce's infectious live performances have afforded him opportunities to open for artists such as Brian McKnight, Talib Kweli, The Floacist, KRS One, K. Michelle, Donnell Jones, MuMu Fresh and many others. His matrimony of words and sounds is an undeniable experience that draws his audience to him. As a screenplay writer, he is preparing for production of his first film, 'The Box In The Corner'. As a writer, he released his first book of poetry, Rioting At Dawn, in 2015 and his second, Poetix, in 2018. He is also a 2016 Black Trans Advocacy Rising Star and GA Voice 2017 Best of Atlanta award recipient (Live Performance Artist). Royce is an alum of FAMU (Florida A & M University) where he studied Animal Science/Pre Vet Medicine and minored in Music.

"As a content creator, I feel it is my mission to uphold the reasons I've been blessed with so many gifts. I think about youth who are similar to me and how my art can save lives, create positive dialogue and change, evoke thought and understanding, bridge community gaps and leave a legacy that traverses the spectrum of human existence. I want the way I make people feel to connect them to others, even in their assumed differences." - Royce Hall

'Front Porch Love' is a soulful call for the manifestation and affirmation of long-standing, deep-south, down-to-the-bone, sweet love. When I heard the track, all of my thoughts were that of sundresses, rocking chairs, front porches, dancing barefoot in the grass, beautiful brown skin with smiles and joy. Writing the song was an effortless experience. It conjured thoughts of the type of love-for-a-lifetime that I desire and am building.

Monday, October 26, 2020


Label: Amsterdam Connection 
September 23, 2020

Amsterdam Connection combines two passionate, highlytalented, well-respected musicians: Tim Welvaars, who plays jazz harmonica, as well as piano, and Naomi Adriaansz, who plays the sax. Together they spread harmony and love creating their unique jazz sound: a skillful, progressive fusion of dark tenor sax and joyful harmonica.

These dutch recording artists have achieved considerable attention and success with their smooth soulful jazz sound, since they originally met and formed the duo, in 2014. Over the past 5 years, Naomi and Tim have traveled extensively and performed with a host of smooth jazz musicians and recording stars at national and international shows.

Artists like bassist Nathan East, guitarist/producer Paul Brown, keyboardist David Garfield, bassist Roberto Vally, vocalist Sandra Booker, drummer Gerry Brown and many others. These valued connections have gained them both respect and acceptance in the music industry.

'Byron Millers Mood' is the new single from Amsterdam Connection, and unfortunately the last one in which Tim has participated, who passed away on September 16. A great musician. RIP Tim Welvaars. Our condolences from the team. 

Sunday, October 25, 2020



América – Tin Man – A Horse with No Name
Christian De Mesones – Sweetnight
Royce Hall - Front Porch Love
David Andish – Stories An Laughter
George Benson – Turn Your Love Around
Justin Lee Schultz - Just In (Feat: Gerald Albright & Pieces Of A Dream)
Keith Andrew – Soul Expedition – Cielo
Dean James – It´S All Good
Selina Albright- Holding On
Streetwize – Dang
Tim Bowman – Sweet Sundays Remix
Mattias Roos – Masterpice
Wakana- Go For The Sound
Jamess Colah – Yes
Four 80 East – Noodle Soup
Dee Dee Davis -Smile (Feat Bob Balwin)
Nils – Outa Sight
Mark Etheredge – You & Me & We (Feat Paul Brown)
Paul Brown And Marc Antoine – French Connection
Kirk Whalum – That´S The Way Love Goes
David Andish – Two Nights In Bamako
Streetwifze – Ocean Eyes – Best Part
Paula Atherton – Summer Song (Feat. Nathan Mitchell)
Simon Oslender – Feel Like Making Love (Feat. Wolfgang Haffner & Christopher Dell)
Sinead Harnett – Quarantine Queen


Friday, October 23, 2020


Label: Innervision Records
October 16, 2020

When it comes to one of the most distinctive sounds in what we call the Smooth jazz genre today, Dean James quickly comes to mind. The sensual, soulful and smooth sound of his alto and soprano sax continues to leave a lasting impression on his followers, from the most devoted to the newest. With James' upcoming album "GroovySax", Dean James is sure to reach the masses.

Born and raised in City by the Bay, at the age of 15, James developed his love of music by listening to the musicians that graced the radio long before Smooth jazz existed. Grover Washington Jr., Ronnie Laws, and David Sanborn played an intricate role in James's approach to contemporary jazz, but he was also influenced by musicians such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, and Miles Davis.

Pursuing his passion, James attended the Berklee College of Music to further his music education, where he received his formal training, as well as classical and jazz studies. After attending Berklee, James moved to Los Angeles in hopes of contributing his accompanying talents and becoming part of the music community. James has performed with numerous artists within the gospel and R&B field before coming to his own, signing with Ichiban Records as a solo artist. James, known for his single "Market Street", is currently celebrating his 20th birthday on the airwaves of Smooth jazz.

The single "It's all good" the new song from his next album in which James shows his ability to take control of the melody.

"GroovySax" is a compilation of arrangements with many different elements including jazz, R&B, Latin-jazz, and funk. All written, arranged and produced by James with the exception of the talented musician, writer and producer Cory James in the driver's seat producing this highly anticipated new eastern single CD.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Label: Legere Recordings 
October 9, 2020

"Palmaillerennen" is the first single release of the Hamburg-based hammondjazz-quartet HAMBURG SPINNERS, the full album "Skorpion im Stiefel" will follow both on vinyl and digitally on November 13th. Like the whole album "Palmaillerennen" was cut live on a weekend in May 2020 in Hamburg's Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!-Studios. "Palmaillerennen" features a catchy and uplifting tune with Carsten Meyer on Hammond B-3, Dennis Rux on guitar, David Nesselhauf on bass, and Lucas Kochbeck on drums.

A perfect soundtrack for a ride down the 'Palmaille', a famous avenue in Hamburg-Altona.

Carsten Meyer. Keyboarder and Composer. Wrote the scores for the German TV-series "Der Tatortreiniger", his live performances as "Erobique" attract a huge cheerful party crowd.
Dennis Rux. Producer and guitarist. Funk, Soul & 60s Garage both behind the mixing desk and on the guitar. Last tours with Tetrao Urogallus, Trashmonkeys, Rhonda and Thee Pounders.
David Nesselhauf. Musician. Solo project "Afrokraut", bassplayer of Diazpora and several other bands and projects in Hamburg.
Lucas Kochbeck. Composer of film scores, live and studio drummer. Recent projects Diazpora, The KBCS, Flo Mega, The Kiez, Bacao Rhythm and Steelband, The Winston Brothers...

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Label: Independent
September 25, 2020 

His interest in music developed at a considerably early age. “I really started paying attention to music at age 3 ½.” He liked The Beatles Revolver album, which he heard at an uncle’s house, so his mother bought him his own copy. 

The fact that he chose the piano as his instrument is no fluke. Jay grew up with the piano in his life. Many of his relatives took piano lessons growing up. His grandmother owned a piano, which eventually ended up in the Rowe house.

Jay attended New England Conservatory of Music where he became a part of the New Haven music scene, along with fellow Connecticut natives Marion Meadows and Rohn Lawrence. He formed a band that began playing as an opening act for whatever smooth and contemporary jazz acts that played in New Haven, including The Rippingtons, David Benoit, Bela Fleck, Stanley Jordan, and Jeff Lorber. When sax player Marion Meadows got his record deal and went out on the road, he took Jay with him as part of his band. Jay credits Marion and sax player Nelson Rangell for being the catalysts that started his career.

There are so many musicians over the years and across the genres that have influenced Jay that there are far too many to list, but his biggest are Vince Guaraldi, Herbie Hancock, Joe Sample, and Jeff Lorber. His talents are well known throughout the smooth jazz community, making him a much respected player in the smooth jazz world. His talents make him an in demand smooth jazz keyboard player.

Jay has six solo CDs out, all of which have all done respectably well.

In addition to being a smooth jazz musician, Jay is a smooth jazz fan. He’s as big a fan of the music and the musicians as the rest of us… so much so that when asked who he’d like to work with someday, the list goes on and on. As many world-class musicians as he’s shared the stage with, there are so many more he’d like to… Peter White, Dave Koz, Russ Freeman and the Rippingtons, Mindi Abair, Chris Botti, Acoustic Alchemy, Steve Cole, Norman Brown, and Richard Elliott.

ay is a skilled technician, another reason why he’s constantly working. “I play a lot of left hand bass. That’s my other function besides just being a pianist. It’s part of being a keyboard player. A lot of times I’m doing two jobs at the same time by being a bass player and a keyboard player. No matter what you play, you have to have some knowledge of the piano, because really, it’s the backbone of western musical harmony. It comes from the piano.”

As much as he loves smooth jazz, Jay’s fans would be surprised to know that he is a huge rock fan as well. He works in the smooth jazz realm, but his interests are very broad. “A lot of times when people see you musically, they see you as one thing. There’s just not a lot of versatility. It’s what keeps you making a living. It’s being able to appreciate all types of music.”

For musician, writer, and producer Jay Rowe, life happily remains busy. “I still live in the town where I grew up. And my big joke is that my life hasn’t changed too much since I was 12. It’s just that I have more bills to pay and I get to travel around the country more.”

Jay Rowe’s new single “Side Steppin’”, co-produced with Vincent Ingala with: Jay Rowe (piano); Vincent Ingala (guitar); Dave Anderson (bass); Trever Somerville (drums)

Monday, October 19, 2020


Label: Innervision Records 
October 2, 2020

The new radio single from hit guitarist JJ Sansaverino from the forthcoming album "Cocktails & Jazz" with JJ Sansaverino (guitar); Elan Trotman (sax); Dwayne ‘Smitty’ Smith (bass); Omari Williams (drums); Munyungo Jackson (percussion); Blake Aaron (mixing engineer).




Tomi Malm – Second Wave – Are You Real?
Hirosima – Someday Soon
Tom Browne – Sake (Feat: Vocal Yoyce San Mateo)
Jazz In Pink – Keystroke 30/10/20
Mario Biondi – Paradise
Sergio Mendes – Let Me (Feat Jill Scott)
Drivertime – Fifteen Days ( Feat: Andrew Neu)
Chan Hall – In Pursuit
Mark Etheredge – You & Me& We (Feat: Paul Brown)
Matthias Roos – Back To You
JJ Sansaverino – Style And Elegance
Amsterdam Connection – Two Souls One Breath (Tim Wevalars Naomi Adriaanz)
Wayne Jones – Sweet Melody
Willie Bradley –It´S My Time (Feat James Lloyd)
The Brit Funk Association – Fly By Night
Tom Browne - Vibin' With You (Feat Joyce San Mateo,Gail Jhonson And Mike Parlett)
Pat Belliveau - Roscoes Big Mama Special
D. Mills - Obrigado
Christian De Mesones Sweetnight

Thursday, October 15, 2020


Label: Jacqine
August 31, 2020

'It's Never Been About Us' is Jacqine's new single, a song-hymn in which she joins forces with Craig Levy, from Little Pioneer Cider House, who was in charge of the drums and Jacqine did all the music and with her powerful voice presents us with a powerful ballad.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Label: Sanachie Entertainment
September 11, 2020

Multi Grammy award-winners trumpeter Randy Brecker and saxophonist Eric Marienthal and deliver ten thrilling originals on their anticipated Shanachie Entertainment debut Double Dealin’. It’s all aboveboard on Double Dealin’ as Brecker and Marienthal opt not to follow suit but rather let the spirit of the moment be their guide as they draw some wild cards and the blur boundaries between traditional and contemporary jazz. Randy Brecker, who was a key player in numerous ground-breaking fusion bands like Blood, Sweat and Tears and Larry Coryell’s The Eleventh House, states “Duke Ellington said ‘There are only two kinds of music, good and bad’ and we both love the latter!” Double Dealin’ marks Brecker and Marienthal’s first co-led recording. Danny Weiss, Shanachie Entertainment VP Of Jazz A&R says, “This album is a rarity – funky and brilliant at the same time. One plus one equals five with these two jazz giants.”

Brecker and Marienthal have built careers being musician’s musicians. Randy Brecker has remained at the forefront of creative music for over six decades collaborating with everyone from Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers, Horace Silver, Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, The Brecker Brothers (with his late tenor titan brother, Michael Brecker), Bruce Springsteen, Parliament/Funkadelic and Steely Dan. Saxophonist Eric Marienthal’s equally impressive career has allowed him to captivate audiences alongside everyone from Chick Corea’s Elektric Band, Patti Austin, Lee Ritenour, Elton John, Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder, among others.

Bringing Double Dealin’ to fruition was a bi-coastal affair as both musicians created from their own home-based studios with Brecker in Long Island and Marienthal in Los Angeles. The duo sent files back and forth to one another and Brecker even admits that his attire for some of the session was PJs. “When the pandemic hit the mixing, phase was about to begin,” recalls Marienthal who is the musical director of both the Blue Note At Sea Cruise and The Smooth Jazz Cruise. “I have to say it was a welcome distraction to deep dive into this music.” Double Dealin’ unites the dynamic duo with keyboardist and producer George Whitty, bassist John Patitucci and drummer Dave Weckl. “George Whitty is one of the very best musicians and record producers out there,” comments Marienthal. “Dave Weckl and John Patitucci are longtime bandmates of mine with the Chick Corea Elektric Band and good friends. Their playing on this record is exceptional and really put the icing on the cake!”

The thrilling ten-track album opens with the first single and title track. All bets are off as Brecker and Marienthal get down to business on this funky and free wheeling ditty that sets the tone for the joyous excursion ahead. The composition “Three Deuces,” takes us out for a bluesy cruise while “Fast Lane” shift gears for a high-octane affair propelled by Dave Weckl’s driving rhythms. Double Dealin’ also features tender moments like the gorgeous ballad “Mine The Fire,” penned by Marienthal and Whitty in memory of guitarist and friend Chuck Loeb. “Chuck was one of my closest friends,” reflects Marienthal, who appears on Loeb’s last two Shanachie recordings Bridges (Co-led by Marienthal) and Unspoken. In 2018, Marienthal organized and played a star-studded memorial concert at the Berks Jazz Fest for Loeb that featured Brecker among numerous others. Brecker who has long had an affinity for Brazilian music offers “Sambop,” where Samba rhythms and Bebop harmonies joyously collide. Brecker’s no-holds barred track “You Ga (Ta Give It),” is a delight as he and Marienthal create maximum firepower from the opening note to the exhilarating end. Eric Marienthal and George Whitty’s intriguing and intensely beautiful “True North” lends itself to some memorable interplay and soloing including that of bassist John Patitucci. It’s all about the groove on “The Hipster,” while the meandering and percussive “Jetlagged” takes us down a totally different path. Double Dealin’ comes to a finale with “Habañero,” which lives up to its name offering the perfect combination of hot and cool that leaves you wanting more.

Randy Brecker concludes, “Double Dealin’ is uplifting and filled with great vibes and fun beats. I hope it takes everyone’s mind off our current problems and I hope people just groove with it and forget about everything else for a while!” Eric Marienthal adds, “This record has a particularly uplifting feel which is a good thing for the times we’re in right now. I know I feel better when I listen to it!”

Source: Shanachie Entertainment

Friday, October 9, 2020


Label: Contante & Sonante
October 15, 2020

Three years after his critically acclaimed debut Walkin' On Air, the ultra-talented Finnish
songwriter, producer and arranger Tomi Malm of Fly Away – The Songs Of David Foster fame returns with his sophomore effort, titled Coming Home. With this album, Tomi reaffirms himself as one of the most incredible talents of his generation. Coming Home presents another flawless collection of pop, soul and fusion numbers, delivered with the help of some of the world’s most gifted musicians. The quality music includes songs mostly written or co-written by Tomi who definitely pleases the refined music lovers that have worn out legendary records like Boz Scaggs’ Middle Man, the late Al Jarreau’s Jarreau or Steely Dan’s Gaucho. The Northern European wizard is in top form on this new release that showcases his creative genius through inventive arrangements and top-notch production that would make David Foster and Jay Graydon proud.

A catchy instrumental, “Second Wave”, opens the show with a breezy feel that harks back to those lush records by The Love Unlimited Orchestra. It is the second track, "Come Away", that allows the album to start firing on all cylinders. Gifted singer/songwriter Bill Cantos gives a magnificent vocal performance and shines with his piano playing on this beautiful mid-tempo pop tune. Cantos is supported by former Toto drummer Simon Philips, the late, great Dan Warner on guitar and Luis Conte on percussion.

The first ballad heard on Coming Home is “When You’re Gone”. It sports a beautiful melody
combined with a bittersweet atmosphere. The song features the soulful voice of Swedish singer Andreas Aleman and the trademark Rhodes of Robbie Buchanan, a great producer/arranger.

“Are You Real” comes next and what a treat it is for all the Westcoast music lovers. The
arrangement instantly reminds the listener of a cross between Steely Dan and Pages, featuring stunning vocals handled by Norway's national treasure Ole Børud. The rhythm section features John Robinson on drums, Neil Stubenhaus on bass, Tim Pierce on guitar and Tomi weighing in on keyboards. A jazzy masterpiece that is definitely one of the highlights of the whole album.

Next is “Without You Saying A Word”, an unreleased composition by the legendary Jeremy Lubbock and sung by the incomparable Marilyn Scott. The rarefied feel of this ballad is truly breathtaking, and Tomi's evocative arrangement does justice to Mr. Lubbock’s genius.

The feel-good mid-tempo track “Two Hearts” offers a nice change of mood and brings the listener into Earth, Wind & Fire’s pop/soul territory. Jerry Lopez, who co-wrote this composition with Tomi, sings the lead vocals. Among the players appearing on the arrangement are the Yellowjackets' Jimmy Haslip on bass, Tollak Ollestad on harmonica and the Fat City Horns.

After the soulful and bouncy “I Got You” sung by the great Frank Ådahl, comes the title-track ("Coming Home") which is an absolute show-stopper. Tomi, with the help of co-writer Michael Haddad, creates a tune with a magical atmosphere that could easily come from one of those classic pop/rock albums by The Eagles or America. Haddad’s vocals are right on target and the instrumental track of "Coming Home" is pure ear candy. Just listen to the song’s coda with a spectacular solo by Toto’s axe-man, Steve Lukather. Be ready to get lost in the glory of those timeless sounds.

On Coming Home, Tomi also offers a different side of his talent with a few fusion instrumentals. The most interesting is “Free Fall”. This tune is a pyrotechnic jam that develops like a journey into the best jazz/fusion music of the seventies with great rhythm changes and incredible performances all around. There are echoes of Pat Metheny, George Duke, Dave Grusin and Weather Report on “Free Fall”. This tune is a showcase for Tomi who plays various keyboards, guitar and piano supported by Alex Al on bass, Luis Conte on percussion and the fantastic drumming of Vinnie Colaiuta.

Returning to the pop songs, there is another adult contemporary ballad, “The Time Is Now”. Written by Michael Haddad, the song features a precious vocal by the late, great Warren Wiebe in a duet with R&B songbird Wendy Moten. Again, Robbie Buchanan offers his Rhodes playing that gives the track a classic flavour of the most-loved ballads of the eighties.

Frank Ådahl comes back to co-write and sing “Dream On”, an atmospheric number that gives him plenty of room to shine with his unique vocals. 

The following song, “Leave It To The Girls”, is a ballad co-written by the legendary Burt
Bacharach with Tonio K. What a thrill it must have been for the Finnish music-maker to work on this unreleased composition co-written by one of his heroes. The result is a dream of a song that sounds so unmistakably Bacharach thanks to a gorgeous and respectful arrangement. Ashton Moran beautifully sings and is supported by enchanting backing vocals courtesy of ZoSia, Jeri Lynne and Sunho Lim, all certifiably great singers.

Randy Goodrum, another source of inspiration for Tomi, co-wrote and sang “Hearts In Phase”, a delicate, acoustic ballad that closes the album in style. 

The short and sweet of it: Coming Home is a true masterpiece. A must-have for quality music lovers. Tomi Malm is a musical genius and multi-faceted talent that is a joy to observe on this new project. Get Coming Home and enjoy a great master class of astounding music!

Source: Contante & Sonante

Thursday, October 8, 2020


Label: Skytown Records
October 5, 2020

A Scandinavian smorgasbord of the tastiest kind, Swedish keyboard player Mattias Roos has teamed up with Danish American sax-man Michael Lington for a fresh new take on the wonderful “Bring It On” that first appeared on Roos’ 2019 recording “It Goes On and On”.

This vibrant, groove laden and totally memorable number is not only everything that mid tempo smooth jazz should be but also one of four bonus tracks that can be found on a deluxe edition of “It Goes On and On” which was released October 2 on the Skytown Records label.

As well as “Bring It On” (that is included both as the album version and the radio edit) this deluxe offering also features a stunning high-octane remix of the Mattias Roos composition “Masterpiece” and the brand new never previously recorded “River of Love” that underscores the skill Roos has for fusing smooth jazz grooves with an authentic old school vibe.

Although a solo artist and ‘go-to’ keyboard player for several top-flight Swedish performers, many will know Mattias Roos as a founding member of the band Soweco that he formed in 2011 with drummer Peter Gustavsson. Roos has carried some of that distinctive Soweco sound into what is now a burgeoning solo career but with critically acclaimed projects such as “My Story”, “Movin’ Up” and most recently ”It Goes On and On” he has fashioned an identity that is very much his own.

As for Michael Lington, since relocating to Los Angeles from Denmark in 1990 he has built a reputation for being one of the most soulful sax players in smooth jazz. He is also a tremendous live player and early opportunities in this respect came when he joined Bobby Caldwell’s renowned touring band. He has also performed as part of a sold out, coast to coast Barry Manilow.

As a recording artist Lington’s 1997 eponymous debut set the standard for what was to come and now, ten albums later, he is still essential listening for all those who like their smooth jazz spiced with a modicum of soul.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020


David Margam
April 14, 2020

David Margam, has become one of the top representatives of Smooth Jazz, Funk & Groove in the present, facet that combines as producer, arranger, composer and concert promoter and member of one of the most international references of Spanish funk band FUNKDACION.

Also known as one of the promoters of the Smooth Jazz genre in Spain through its current and well-known radio program FUNKMANIA SMOOTH JAZZ directed and presented by David.

David is currently preparing the launch of his first solo album in a Smooth Jazz and Westcoast style.

About “Homenaje Víctimas Covid-19” David says “I want to pay my own special tribute by improvisation to all the victims of this bloody pandemic, my deepest condolences to the families who have lost a loved one. With the few means I have at home and the music; I have wanted to join the pain of all the families who are going through these difficult times.”


Label: Viktor Jakob-Jonsson 
August 25, 2020

Hailing from a small town in northern Sweden’s Lapland region, Viktor Jakob-Jonsson now resides in Stockholm with his wife Jana and newborn son Benjamin. While he’s working with communications, journalism and graphic design for a living, music has always been a strong passion in his life. In many ways, this was to be expected, being the youngest in a big and musical family with the town’s music teacher as father. Early introduced to Westcoast music by his older brothers, he found the center of his musical universe early on. Michael McDonald, Richard Page and Al Jarreau were just a few of the artists that ruled the airwaves in the Jonsson household. Viktor was especially hooked by the brilliant R&B infusions of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Bill Champlin and, fueled by youthful enthusiasm, created a website dedicated to Bill’s career at the mere age of 12 – a heartfelt project, which he took care of every night after school throughout his teens.

Needless to say, it kept him out of trouble, but it also gave him a good reason to stay out of the practise room. Having started out on saxophone only to realize that he had more in common with a mallard than with Michael Brecker, he quickly switched gears to piano. Playing chords opened up a whole new world of possibilities as to what he could do with the melodies he kept hearing in his head. Through songwriting, he found his way of approaching music. Viktor is the singer of Swedish pop trio Stalon and is constantly working on a new song in his suburban cellar studio. During the covid-19 pandemic of 2020, he decided to start releasing songs in his own name. First out is the single “A Little Denial”, slated for release on August 25. When not making music or changing diapers, he enjoys being in the nature, especially in the beautiful area of his childhood, Vilhelmina.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020


 Label: Blue Note 
August 28, 2020

One of the greatest voices of our generation, two-time Grammy Award winning singer Gregory Porter released his long-awaited sixth studio album "All Rise" last August 28.

Following 2017's tribute album Nat King Cole & Me, "All Rise" marks a return to Porter's original songwriting. The 15-song set features Porter’s trademark lyrics imbued with everyday philosophy and real-life detail, set to an exhilarating mix of jazz, soul, blues, gospel, and pop including the uplifting “Revival,” the stirring protest song “Mister Holland" and the soulful ode to flight “Concorde".

Produced by Troy Miller (Laura Mvula, Emili Sandé, Jamie Cullum), the album represents the evolution of Porter's art to something even more emphatic, emotive, intimate, and universal too.

“Yes, you could say that I went big,” says Porter about his latest, which combines the talents of his longtime loyal bandmates, a handpicked horn section, a 10-member choir, and the London Symphony Orchestra Strings. “But, quite frankly, the way I write in my head, it all happens with just voice and piano first, and it's built up from there. It feels good to get back to the rhythms and the styles and the feelings and the way that I like to lay down my own music from start to finish.”

As Porter worked out this album's direction, he looked inward, upward, and around him, and arrived at a raison d'être found in the title,"All Rise". “We hear that phrase when presidents or judges come into the room,” says Porter, “but I'm thinking all of us rise — not just one person. We are lifted up by love. This is my political thought and my real truth. It comes from my personality, my mother's personality, the personality of the blues, and of black people. It's this idea of making do with the scraps, of resurrection and ascension, and of whatever the current situation is, it can get better through love.”

Monday, October 5, 2020


Label: Verve 
August 14, 2020

This Dream Of You, produced in May 2020 by Ms. Krall, was mixed by Al Schmitt, who worked closely with the artist to achieve notable intimacy and immediacy with her voice in the final balance.

The performances come from sessions in 2016 and 2017, on which Krall worked with her friend and longtime creative partner, Tommy LiPuma. Mr. LiPuma passed away in 2017 at the age of 80.

The album features Krall in a quartet with long-time colleagues, John Clayton, Jeff Hamilton and Anthony Wilson on “Almost Like Being In Love” and “That’s All”, as well as a trio with Christian McBride and Russell Malone who play on “Autumn in New York” and “There’s No You.”

The duos include a wonderful first-take performance of “I Wished On The Moon” from Krall and bassist, John Clayton and two vocal cuts – “More Than You Know” and “Don’t Smoke In Bed” with accompaniment by pianist, Alan Broadbent, who also provided the string orchestration for “But Beautiful” and string arrangement on “Autumn In New York.”

The final session for this album took place at Capitol Studios with an ensemble featuring guitarist, Marc Ribot, the fiddle of Stuart Duncan and a rhythm section of Tony Garnier on bass and Karriem Riggins on drums. This line-up played “Just You, Just Me,” Irving Berlin’s “How Deep Is The Ocean” and the Bob Dylan song, “This Dream Of You,” on which Randall Krall plays accordion.

This Dream Of You is music for right now but it is also a “long playing record,” one that feels like a movie that you might share with someone because you know they’ll stay with it until the final reel. As Diana says, “If ‘But Beautiful’ is the overture, then ‘Singing In The Rain’ is the end title.”


Label: Innervision Records 
September 18, 2020

"The High Road" is the new single from Will Donato's long-awaited new album "Elevate" that will be released on October 30th.

Will Donato, sax
Greg Manning, piano/keys
Alex Al, bass
Eric Valentine drums


Label: Skytown Records
July 4, 2020

“Soulmate” is the new release from sax-man Andrey Chmut. With all ten tracks written and arranged by Chmut, it builds on the impact this talented player made with his 2018 Skytown Records debut “Smoothability” which included the tune “Moving Forward” that featured the timeless Bob James on electric piano.

The high octane “Soulmate” opens exactly in the way it means to continue with the deliciously upbeat “Night Town” that features superb interplay between Chmut on alto sax and Alex Logvinenko on keys. It establishes an intensity that permeates the entire collection and this is also apparent with ”Dance with Me” that not only finds Chmut bringing it home with his driving yet melodic playing on soprano sax but also Gennadii Bondar making a contribution on guitar that is reminiscent of Peter White at his best.

This high-energy tour de force continues apace with “Funky Talk” where “off the chain” keys from Riccardo Dalli Cardillo combines explosively with Chmut’s fiery work on alto.

Truth to tell, although the overriding theme of “Soulmate” is slanted toward energetic danceable grooves Andrey does, from time to time, take the opportunity to ease back on the gas. This is perfectly illustrated by the mid tempo “Blessed Day” and again with the similarly inclined “Wake Up” that enjoys a hook that might just get in your head and not go away. Chmut keeps things relaxed for the decidedly ethereal “If Only I Could Fly” while elsewhere the moody “After & After” finds Chmut laying down an urban vibe that in turn is complemented by “in your face” electric guitar from Matthew Monakov.

Think contemporary jazz meets dance and you have all you need to know about the zesty “Parodox”. With Eric Moore coming up big on drums this is one that really flies and later, evoking a late night landscape of a mythical rain swept city, the title cut shows off a more tender side of Chmut’s musical persona.

Closing out the album is “Beloved Routine” that proves to be a wonderful showcase for Chmut’s jazz sensibilities and underscores the message that the world of contemporary jazz has found itself a significant talent.




Vadim Tikhonov - A date in Manhattan (feat: Elena Iourova) - Midnight song for you t
Greg Manning – Say Yes (Feat: Judah Sealy) - Grateful
Brendan Rothwell – Now´s The Time
Scott Marvill - Blueish Green
JJ Sansaverino – Style and Elegance – (Feat: Elan Trotman)
Jay Rowe – Side Steppin´
Will Donato – The High Road
Walter Runger – Why Dontcha Do it
Spontaneous Groovin´Combustion – Double Deuces
Judah Sealy – Showtime – #TBT
Blake Aaron - Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing (feat. Kim Scott)
Roberto Vally (Feat. Tom Shuman) - Mister Beast
Dee Lucas –Full Tilt (Feat. Blake Aaron)
Al Degregoris – Odyssey
Randy Brecker & Eric Marienthal – Mind The Fire (For Chuck)
Bob James & Till Bronner – September Morn
Zoe Scott – 7 Lives
Torcuato Mariano – Jogando bola - cansei de dor (feat djavan)
Schwarz & Funk – Pardon me – Intake
Yonathan Andi Gunawan - Hadapi Dengan Senyuman – So in Love Whith You
Eric Darius (feat: Paul Jackson Jr.) Summer Feelin´
Gerry Smoot (feat. Judah Sealy) – Attitude Adjustment
Ben L´Oncle Soul – Stangers In The Night

Friday, October 2, 2020


Today’s song I think has all the elements to really pick you up on a Friday…it’s fun, it’s funky and it was named after my dear old dad, the affable Norman Koz, MD! Called “Dr. Norm”, this tune, co-written and produced with my dear friend (and the guy who truly gave me my start), the genius keyboardist/producer Jeff Lorber, features guitar great Paul Jackson, Jr. with a searing guitar solo that will take your breath away. It did mine! Click on the video above to hear it live! “Dr. Norm” is also an homage to the cannabis apothecary cookie company run by my sister Roberta and brother Jeff, also called “Dr. Norm’s”…the cookie recipes are my mom Audrey’s, and the company is committed to sharing the healing properties of cannabis through its many products, continuing the legacy that my parents started when they were alive. --Dave Koz

Thursday, October 1, 2020


Label: United Music Group 
September 25, 2020

Vadim Tikhonov is an International Smooth Jazz Artist, Composer and Producer, his life has always been related to music, music was the norm in his house as his parents had a large collection of records and he got to know them all by heart.

Furthermore, his uncle was a brilliant musician and arranger. It was he who first sat him down at the piano and gave him his first lessons in music literacy. He wasn't even three years old then.

That boy began to play melodies that were played on the radio and were loved by everyone. At that time, he did not have any musical instruments in his house, so anywhere he saw a piano, he would fly headlong towards it.

Vadim's greatest happiness was when his parents gave him a piano! Since then, he began to receive and improve musical knowledge. His musical life began to roll ... Classes, scores, rehearsals, and then long-awaited concerts, shootings, interviews, competitions, recordings ...

His songs are known and promoted on all continents, managing to be broadcast on many radio stations. Vadim is also the author of soundtracks for some 30 movies and television series.

His studio album Kiss Under Umbrella (2013) was a great success and allowed him to land a significant offer from the Russian labels United Music Group. With this label he has recorded his new album High Heels, which was released on September 25, 2020.

He has planned a series of concerts to support this new album, and he is also being recognized by numerous experts who highlight his peculiar and unique musical style.