Monday, October 5, 2020




Vadim Tikhonov - A date in Manhattan (feat: Elena Iourova) - Midnight song for you t
Greg Manning – Say Yes (Feat: Judah Sealy) - Grateful
Brendan Rothwell – Now´s The Time
Scott Marvill - Blueish Green
JJ Sansaverino – Style and Elegance – (Feat: Elan Trotman)
Jay Rowe – Side Steppin´
Will Donato – The High Road
Walter Runger – Why Dontcha Do it
Spontaneous Groovin´Combustion – Double Deuces
Judah Sealy – Showtime – #TBT
Blake Aaron - Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing (feat. Kim Scott)
Roberto Vally (Feat. Tom Shuman) - Mister Beast
Dee Lucas –Full Tilt (Feat. Blake Aaron)
Al Degregoris – Odyssey
Randy Brecker & Eric Marienthal – Mind The Fire (For Chuck)
Bob James & Till Bronner – September Morn
Zoe Scott – 7 Lives
Torcuato Mariano – Jogando bola - cansei de dor (feat djavan)
Schwarz & Funk – Pardon me – Intake
Yonathan Andi Gunawan - Hadapi Dengan Senyuman – So in Love Whith You
Eric Darius (feat: Paul Jackson Jr.) Summer Feelin´
Gerry Smoot (feat. Judah Sealy) – Attitude Adjustment
Ben L´Oncle Soul – Stangers In The Night

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