Monday, January 3, 2022


Dec. 31, 2021

Greg Manning's next single. "Be Strong," features the distinctive sounds of accomplished saxophonist Jimmy Reid. Together they've created a sound that moves us to delve deep inside to that peaceful resolve where we can find the courage to "Be Strong."
Greg has been called "the master of melody." People who work with him say, "He's just a nice guy to be around." As a producer and composer, Greg helped another group of artists land on Billboard's Smooth Jazz Top 30 list in 2021. He's so good at producing it's easy to forget that this multitalented keyboard player is an accomplished artist in his own right. Reminders are "Top Down," Billboard's Smooth Jazz Song of the Year in 2019. And more recently, his single "Sunrise Boulevard," went to #1 on Billboard, Mediabase, and The Smooth Jazz Network in 2021. Greg creatively expands contemporary jazz's boundaries by successfully infusing it with other relevant and relatable musical influences. A peaceful disposition and a strong creative presence - are undoubtedly the perfect combination for success.