Friday, March 4, 2022


Alan Blake
Feb. 15, 2022

This new single from Alan and Lita Blake takes you on a journey back in time when Kings and Queens abounded in Africa. This is a moving smooth jazz instrumental expressing the royalty and wealth of one such queen, Makeda the Queen of Sheba. While mentioned in 1Kings Chapter 10, the story of the legendary queen is still told throughout Ethiopia and beyond to this day!

Alan and Lita have found an interesting and surprising way to express and interpret that royalty through their extraordinary musical talent.

A heavy and driving up tempo rhythm takes you inside the court of African royalty, while a steady sprinkle of acoustic piano played by Alan the captures the extravagance, beauty, wealth and grace of the Queen of Sheba. The synth and strings played and arranged by Lita add icing to the cake and leaves you with the mystic and personality of Makeda the Queen of Sheba. The african “ululations” and chants place you in the court of the wealthy royal queen.

Alan and Lita have toured, recorded and or performed with Grover Washington Jr., (Reed Seed and Live at the Bijou), George Howard (Asphalt Gardens and Dancin’ in the Sun), Gerald Veasley, Doc Gibbs, John Blake Jr., Bob Baldwin (co-writers of “For Grover and George” and “Step Up!”), Jasmine Guy (Raisin’ Cane), and served as early mentors for Rachelle Ferrell at the start of her successful career.