Monday, January 18, 2021


Irma Records
Dec. 4, 2020

This new Papik album entitled Sounds For The Open Road vol. 2 is an admittedly sequel to the 2014 album.

Same formula: a double album with a CD dedicated to a more Jazz sound (Jazz Lane) and the other to a sound more towards Soul (Soul Lane). Among the vocal guests: Tom Gaebel, Sarah Jane Morris, Neja, Marvin Paris, Filippo Perbellini, Kenneth Bailey, Frances Alina, Ely Bruna, Alan Scaffardi, Nadyne Rush, Dagmar Segbers, Ida Landsberg, Nadia Straccia, Cristiana Polegri, Frankie Lovecchio, Francesca Gramegna, Daniela Fiorentino, Clizia Aloisi, Dario Daneluz and The Soultrend Orchestra.

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Disc 1

01. New Frontier feat. Tom Gaebel
02. Giu'la Testa feat. Clizia Aloisi
03. It Feels Like Paradise feat. Marvin Parks 
04. Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) feat. Francesca Gramegna
05. Time Of Our Lives feat. Dagmar Segbers 
06. Un Homme Et Une Femme feat. Cristiana Polegri
07. Girl Talk feat. Ely Bruna 
08. Voglia E Turna feat. Daniela Fiorentino
09. I Can't Live Without You feat. Alan Scaffardi 
10. Nothing's Forever feat. Neja
11. Mystic Island feat. Ida Landsberg 
12. Name And Number feat. Nadia Straccia
13. That The Way Of The World feat. Dario Daneluz 

Disc 2

01. You're The First, My Last, My Everything feat. Francis Alina 
02. The Other Side feat. Filippo Perbellini 
03. Caught In The Rapture feat. Nadyne Rush 
04. My Favourite Song feat. Kenneth Bailey 
05. Shiver feat. Francis Alina 
06. The Secret Garden feat. Filippo Perbellini 
07. Hello feat. Neja 
08. I Want Your Love feat. Francis Alina 
09. No More Talking feat. Filippo Perbellini 
10. Body To Body feat. Frankie Lovecchio 
11. Careless feat. Francis Alina 
12. Lovely Day feat. Sarah Jane Morris 
13. World Apart feat. The Soultrend Orchestra