Monday, April 12, 2021


Braxton Productions
April 5, 2021

"The melody of this song had been in my head for years!" recalls Nelson Braxton, bassist for the duo of 25 years. His twin brother, Wayne, adds, "releasing this song is such a reminder that when we have those ideas, inspirations and passions inside, they need to be shared with the world!"

"Something in My Heart" is part of the brothers' HIGHER release and is full of "everything we love about Smooth Jazz!" From the soulful drums and romantic string orchestra reminiscent of late-70's soul, to the R&B rhythm guitars, to the funky bass guitar and passionate saxophone playing, this song truly epitomizes all the things the native San Franciscan's love about music.

They have worked closely over the years with Grammy Award-winning artists such as Michael Bolton and Ledisi, have toured and performed with legends like Sheila E., Boz Skaggs and Rachelle Farrell, and raised being exposed to every music genre one could image by their music-loving father. The Braxtons combine diverse experiences into their own brand of "smooth, but funky™" music. Being products of public school music programs, they believe strongly that children benefit greatly from the arts and all other programs that allow them to discover their gifts and talents. Nelson shares, "we believe that God gives us all a purpose and abilities, and we are blessed to have been able to discover ours and at an early age." Wayne adds, "it is sad that many kids today are not getting that chance."

"Something in My Heart" features some amazing sidemen, such as Grammy-winning drummer, Brian Collier, and Smooth Jazz recording artist, Kay-Ta, on guitar.