Saturday, July 3, 2021


Johnny Britt
July 5, 2021

Founder of the Motown MoJazz group Impromp2 Johnny Britt is now a soloist and has released his 4th solo album titled Mo Jazzin'. GEORGE BENSON quotes I love the way the Mo Jazzin' album was recorded and the concept. It's a classic production all around it's fantastic I even love the cover. DAVE KOZ quotes Johnny Britt is an amazingly consistent music-maker, providing listeners with tracks that make you immediately want to press 'repeat'! And his latest release is no diffeerent. Way to go , Johnny! GERALD ALBRIGHT quotes Johnny Britt has done it again with his beautiful and genuine approach to his instrument. This project is action - packed with an array of great featured artist and great music. Two thumbs up! TERRANCE MARTIN quotes Johnny Britt has always been able to capture the moment of life through his music and that's hard to come by.

While romance, infectious singing and playing are the driving forces throughout, Mo Jazzin transcends the typical genre album via a few unique twists. Two songs, the sultry “Let’s Get Down Tonight” and soulfully swinging “Can’t Stop,” are given both jazz and vocal versions; the jazz takes have more trumpet and only backing vocals. Another slightly off the beaten path tune is “Love’s Callin,” which features a dreamy, talk-sing lead vocal, that could be interpreted as a romantic expression but is also deeply spiritual. The Marvin Gaye styled vocal texturing is a callback to one of Britt’s popular 2016 album Marvin Meets Miles.

As Johnny has contributed his multitude of talents behind the scenes in recent years to albums by smooth jazz stars Boney James, Jessy J and Nils, and pop works by Annie Lennox and Harry Styles, he’s slowly built a solid discography that includes his 2018 set So Hot. Mo Jazzin, his most dynamic and diverse collection to date, should be the breakthrough as an artist he’s been working towards.

Listen to Mo Jazzin here: