Thursday, April 28, 2022


WestCoast Sax Records
March 21, 2022

Smooth Jazz saxophonist Matt Lee, debuts his single "One More Kiss". Matt Lee features his signature style with a haunting and sexy soprano sax performance bringing a new vibe to the smooth jazz world. As the song moves thru the intro, it leaves you in suspense for what's to come. "One More Kiss" builds thru the chorus making you think of that special person sitting next to a fireplace with your favorite glass of wine. "One More Kiss" will definitely get you in the right mood for a memorable evening.

Producer Jeffrey Carruthers, puts together an amazing arrangement that screams "I Love Ya Baby"! Let's not forget the incredible performances by Darryl Williamson Bass, Eric Valentine on drums, Ricky Petersonon Hammond B3, Jeffrey Carruthers on piano, keys and guitar. Matt Lee on the soprano and tenor saxophones. "One More Kiss" is the perfect vibe for 2022.

"Music soothes the soul and unites our hearts". -Matt Lee

Darryl Williams (Bass) 
Eric Valentine (Drums) 
Ricky Peterson (B3) 
Jeffrey Carruthers (Piano, Keys, and Guitar) 
Matt Lee (Soprano and Tenor Saxophone)