Friday, April 22, 2022


Trippin 'n' Rhythm
April 22, 2022

Bringing an explosive energy as a triple threat musician and artist to the smooth jazz genre, New Zealand bred and based guitarist, saxophonist and bassist Ryan La Valette will unleash his multitude of melodic and soul-grooving talents to radio starting with the Valentine’s Day drop of “Let It Flow,” his highly anticipated debut single on Trippin’ N Rhythm Records.

Unlike many artists whose first track out of the gate pretty much hints at all we’re going to hear in the future, this spirited, funky and fast rolling guitar driven romp just scratches the surface of the depth of his ever-evolving artistry. His perfectly titled debut label album New Beginnings, due for release April 22, has three tracks each that showcase La Valette’s skills on his three primary instruments, with several interludes between songs that allow him to stretch and solo beyond the infectious, radio friendly main tracks.

Testament to his transcendent array of talents and emotionally impactful songwriting skills, the artist collaborated with three of the genre’s top Billboard #1 keyboardists/producers – labelmate Nicholas Cole and two time Grammy nominees Greg Manning and Chris “Big Dog” Davis. The collection also includes a track featuring another #1 charting Billboard artist, trumpeter Lin Rountree.

“Upon starting this debut album,” La Valette says, “I locked myself into the mindset of making this music sound as modern as possible. There are so many modern genres of music today that I felt would be a bolt of lightning when combined with contemporary jazz, and this first single is no exception! I wanted to bring late 70's disco back to town with a swish of modern R&B, and I was blown away with the combination. I believe people of all ages will enjoy the vibe this song brings to the table and help to bring a younger audience into the smooth jazz fan base.”

Due to his lifelong passion for the music and style of George Benson – whose classic tune “Breezin’ he first heard around age five when his mother played it in the house – La Valette considers himself primarily a guitar player. Yet the title and cover image of his 2020 independently released EP Dimensions of Me say it all – almost! – about his many modes of musical expression. The photo shows the well-dressed musician on a couch, looking pensive, with a saxophone to his right and an electric guitar to his left. Just a few years ago, after many years of mastering these two instruments, he picked up the bass and effortlessly added it to his repertoire.

“Because my primary goal is to share my musical gifts and make people happy in the process, I’m excited to show what I can do on the sax and the bass as well,” says the 26-year-old La Valette, a graduate of the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) Auckland. “I am beyond excited to take my first step forward as a signed artist with Trippin' N Rhythm Records. The four years I spent releasing music as an indie was tough, but a great learning curve. You realize pretty quickly that the resources you have access to when signed to a major label far supersede what you have to work with when independent. I am so grateful to the label for their unconditional support and backing for me to fulfill my childhood dream.”

U.S. smooth jazz fans will get their first taste of the magic La Valette brings to the stage when he plays the Seabreeze Jazz Festival in Panama City Beach, FL the same week as the release of New Beginnings.