Sunday, August 29, 2021



Lori Williams – Baby Hold On (To Me)
Michelle Garbay- Carey – OpenYour Eyes, You Can Fly
Lori Williams – Freely (Test The Waters)
Lisa Addeo – Never Enough
Leo Sidran – Trying Times
Patrick Yandall – Chasing the Light
Boney James – Sundance
Cindy Bradley – Stockholm Summer
Adam Hawley – Risin`Up
Allen Carman Project – Straight Up
Brad Alexander – It`s About Time (Dee Lucas)
Jody Mayfield – Stawberry Sunday – (Walter Beasley)
Kenny Nightingale _ Hello (Willie Bradley)
Kenney Polson- Leva e Traz
Miles Gilderdale – Remind Me (To never Let You Slip Away)
Keith Slattery – The Last Minute
James `PJ`Spraggins – Up From Here
Kim Scott - I`m Every Woman (Ft. Althea Rene & Ragan Whiteside)
Blake Aaron – Feels So Right
Marcin Nowakowski – Next Level
KK The Drummer – Dinner and a Move Mix
Rod Tate – United
The Frost Duo – Love You From (LeahBeth Evans & Christian Gratz)
Threestyle(Magdalena Chovankova & Robert Fertl) – Prime Time
Sam Bassman Jenkins – Can U Feel It
Jazz Holdouts – Hi Ya Bye Ya Hi Ya Bye (Nathan East - Vocal)
Markus Zahrl – Spring Is In The House