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Mario Rossi
Jan. 7, 2021

Mario Rossi is a multi faceted “self made” music mogul who has carved out a special niche in the music business as a songwriter, arranger, composer and producer. Originally hailing from the Orange Co. area of Southern California, he is a self taught and highly skilled musician who started out as a drummer. After 25 years of touring and recording with various artists, He switched to piano which facilitated and enhanced his composer, arranger and producer skills. His favorite keyboard instrument is the Hammond B3 which he features on many of his recordings.

Over the last 15 years, Mario Rossi has produced over 50 album projects for various artists in all genres to include Rock, Jazz, R&B, Folk, Classical, and also Christian music. You may already be familiar with his music scores if you are a soap opera fan, as he was a contributing music composer for ten years for the shows “All My Children”, “The Young and the Restless” and “One Live To Live”. In addition, Mario has scored the music for several commercials, documentaries and short films.

He has also received the honor of being a recipient of the prestigious “Smoothie Award” from smoothjazz.com for his composition contribution to the “Above The Clouds” album “A Brighter Day”.

Featured musicians on his current album (Mario Rossi Collection) include such iconic artist/musicians as Robben Ford, Dave Weckl, Eric Marienthal, Jeff Kashiwa, Peter Erskine, Buzz Feiten, Dean Parks, Neil Stubenhaus, Melvin Lee Davis, James Harrah, Philip Lassiter and Tollak Ollestad. His current release coming up will feature - John “JR” Robinson, Blake Aaron, Neil Stubenhaus and Jeff Kashiwa.

Mario is currently working on a co-writing project with Producer David Foster for a new Japanese artist, soon to be revealed!.

"Mario Rossi Collection" is, without a doubt, an elegant selection of songs with world-class travel companions that, from its first track, will hook you


1 Martini Monday (feat. James Harrah, Tollak Ollestad, Philip Lassiter & Vernon Porter)
2 Blue City (feat. Peter Erskine, Neil Stubenhaus, Jeff Kashiwa & Andy Omdahl)
3 Sahara (feat. James Harrah, Jeff Kashiwa, Vernon Porter & Andy Omdahl)
4 Trip to Mars (feat. Robben Ford, Dean Parks, Melvin Lee Davis & Philip Lassiter)
5 N.Y. "78" (feat. Eric Marienthal, Mike Miller & Vernon Porter)
6 Birds (feat. Eric Marienthal, Mike Miller, Vernon Porter & Bruce Boulanger)
7 Night in Brazil (feat. Buzz Feiten, Dave Weckl, Eric Marienthal & Melvin Lee Davis)
8 Windmills (feat. Buzz Feiten, Eric Marienthal, Melvin Lee Davis, Todd Robinson & Rafael Feliciano)
9 Circles
10 Venusian Mating Dance (feat. Buzz Feiten & Melvin Lee Davis)

11 Windows (feat. Buzz Feiten)

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